All year long I wait for cherries to be in season. Seriously, they are my thing! My snack! I can’t get enough of these bing cherries.  Last year I think I ate my weight in cherries. I would eat them every evening while my husband and I discussed life, watched a movie, whatever we were doing…I was eating cherries. When cherries went out of season I went through withdrawal. I can honestly say I felt better while eating cherries. Since I really noticed how different I felt when not eating them I did a little investigating, taking a look at what was inside these juicy delicious cherries.

Turns out there are amazing benefits to eating cherries. They contain strong antioxidants such as anthocyanins and cyanidin. According to the National Cherry Growers & Industries Foundation these antioxidants play a large role in cancer prevention. Cherries greatly reduce inflammation in the body and help control uric acid that can cause painful gout and arthritis. They are a great choice if your having issues with pain as they contain natural pain relievers similar to how ibuprofen works.

My favorite benefit aside from vitamins has to be the levels of quercetin!  Quercetin is a natural anti-histamine which does wonders for inflammation and histamine reactions. It actually restricts the mast cells from making histamine, lowering reactions to foods, pollen and pets.

Melatonin is found in cherries which is important for a good nights sleep, but it also helps to cool inflammation in the body and correct any biorhythms that may be out of sync.

So I’m not actually crazy. I do feel better while eating cherries. What a healthy delicious snack choice. From the vitamins, antioxidants, pain relievers and melatonin it seems like a winner all around.

Cherries are mainly in season from May to July so you need to get them quick, the season flies by. I have found eating them raw is the most enjoyable. I guess you could cook them but who wants to loose all those enzymes and sweet fresh juice. I have noticed when eating them raw they do stain my fingernails a little dark. I can deal with that considering all the health benefits and the amazing flavor. Hurry and get your cherries, the season is over in the blink of an eye.

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