Using a Menstrual Cup with a Low Cervix

menstrual cup for low cervix

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Can you even use a menstrual cup with a low cervix?

This post contains period talk and a blossom cup review.

If you are grossed out about how the human body works than this post aren’t for you. It also may contain affiliate links for products I have used.

Why you need a menstrual cup

Not long ago I came across a little silicone cup that women were using as a “menstrual cup”.  This concept was completely new to me!

I only knew about using pads and tampons. I asked around a bit and realized many women were grossed out by the idea of wearing a cup inside instead of a pad.

When I think about it, there is nothing grosser than sitting down in a bloody pad, or having the wings of the pad flip around on you and get stuck…in various places.

Did you know that the vagina has the most absorbent surface of the human body?

That means your body is absorbing all the chemicals in the tampons and pads.

Cotton in the U.S.A. is heavily sprayed with Glyphosate and it has toxic effects on the body. It’s estimated 85% of tampons contain this harmful chemical.

When you zoom back and look at all the pads and tampons you have previously purchased, it’s pretty shocking!

That’s a lot of money to be literally throwing away for not much benefit. Pads shift around and don’t stay where you put them, they are sweaty and tampon strings have always grossed me out.

It was time for me to give this little menstrual cup a try!

Blossom Cup Review for Menstrual Cup for Low Cervix

After much searching and reading product reviews, I decided to go with the Blossom Cup.

I specifically chose to use this menstrual cup with a low cervix.

It was reasonably priced and had a history of good reviews. Now it’s normally recommended to get a large size if you have had a vaginal birth.

I have had 4 vaginal births but I am a very tiny person, think 100 pounds soaking wet, and I have a low cervix.

I decided to get a small size. After receiving the cup and giving it some use I’m glad to say the small was the right choice for me.

I did find the stem of the cup a tad irritating so I went ahead and cut it off with scissors.

I’m also happy with this decision, I can still easily grasp the cup when I need to remove it.

The menstrual cup arrived in the mail the day I was supposed to start my period! I was so excited.

I went ahead and gave it a trial run before the bleeding started so I could get the hang of how it works. I simply folded the cup like the instructions stated and um…put it on up there.

Once I felt it was up far enough I ran my finger around the cup inside to make sure it had opened and it had a good seal. You don’t want your cup sitting beside your cervix, that’s not going to help you any, so make sure your cervix is slightly in the cup or above it.

For myself, my cervix is rather low, maybe 2 inches inside my vagina at most. I had to make sure my cervix was sitting just slightly inside the cup, not beside it. This isn’t a huge task, just run your finger around the top edge of the cup and make sure your cervix isn’t on the side but on top.

I did notice I had to change the cup more often on the second day, which would be my heavy day, of my period. This wasn’t a problem at all.

Changing it once or twice a day the rest of my period seemed to work great.

Do you need to use a menstrual cup with a low cervix?

Some of the advantages I have found to using this Blossom Cup:

  • Money saving from not buying pads and tampons
  • It doesn’t dry out your vagina
  • It doesn’t leak while you’re sleeping
  • No sweaty pad to wear around
  • No sitting in a bloody pad
  • Peace of mind I’m not absorbing toxic chemicals
  • Reusable

Overall I’m pretty excited about not having to wear sweaty pads or tampons anymore. It doesn’t even feel like I am on my period when I wear the cup, I can’t feel it inside and there is nothing on the outside.

This has been a win-win for me!

Here is the exact cup I used:



Let me know if you give it a try! I would love to hear your experience with a menstrual cup and what you think.

Using a menstrual cup with a low cervix doesn’t have to be scary!

Blossom Cup Review.

blossom cup review

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  1. Hey,
    I too have low cervix and I ordered for small size only but I’m not able to insert the cup. It comes out itself. I’m trying for hours not I’m not getting it right. I have seen loads of video to how to get to right but nothing worked.

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