As I continue to blog about health, I’m constantly asked “how” I blog and where I learned the actual skills to build a website and properly monetize it.

I love gathering the latest health information and giving it to my audience and as an added bonus, my website is a passive form of income for our family.

Starting a website wasn’t easy, it takes a lot of time and work to get it up and going. After I started to receive traffic I knew I would need to find a way to monetize the site.

In the past, I have scrapped together hundreds of free optins and youtube videos in order to try and complete a website that would be user-friendly and also produce an income for our family.

There are literally hundreds of resources out there for bloggers that promise instant success without the details to do so.

After researching many, many blogging resources…I wanted to bring you what I have found that actually works!

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Six-Figure Blogger Review

Enter Six-Figure Blogger, Alex and Lauren from Create and Go have created Six-Figure Blogger to help others build not only their website but also understand affiliate marketing and email marketing.

They went from zero visitors to over 500,000 visitors a month!

They documented their success and put it in easy to understand videos. Best of all, they are so brutally honest!

I have yet to meet a couple who take the time to tell you not only what worked for them but what didn’t work. Alex and Lauren take the time to tell you all the things they did wrong, so you don’t have to waste your time on stuff that doesn’t work.

Inside the course, they walk you step by step into building your website into a money-making machine.

  • 9 Videos on affiliate marketing
  • 23 Videos on creating products
  • How to write high converting sales pages
  • Templates to use
  • Videos on Email Marketing

They add extra videos on things they did wrong over the years, videos on them just chit chatting about blogging and what their day looks like and tons of PDF resources.

They actually give you templates to follow and you can just insert your own info!

This alone is literally worth the cost of the course.

I needed to see the templates in order for me to create something.

I wasn’t good at working with a blank page.

Six-Figure Blogger includes lots of templates and real-life examples of great sales pages and emails.

Alex and Lauren were the only ones who could tell me what a sales funnel was. I have listened to almost 20 various youtube videos but they were the only ones who actually explained it in a way that I could understand.

All the videos in the course are very down to earth and they use normal language and explain things so clearly.

You can literally play one of the videos in the course, stop the video and go do what they said to do on your computer and then continue the video again. It’s step by step and exactly what I needed to succeed.

I started to use Convertkit for my email marketing just like they explained in Six-Figure Blogger review and I am already getting sales! I struggled for 2 years before I found this course, with my email marketing.

I had no idea where to start and now I have an automated system going that works!

Seeing my website thrive means I am helping a ton more people with their health and also earning money for my family.

Six-Figure Blogger also allows you access to a private Facebook group where you can ask any question or if you need further explanation on something.

Overall I would recommend this Six-Figure Blogger Review course to anyone who already has their website up and running but they need help to actually start making money.

This course isn’t for anyone who doesn’t have their website up yet.

If you are just starting a website I would recommend Build and Launch Your Blog or you can get a bundle of all their courses called Pro Blogger Bundle.

It takes time and effort to get a blog to the point of actually making money but by following the videos in the Six-Figure Blogger will get you way ahead in the race.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding my Six-Figure Blogger review.

Update: I’ve now been accepted to Mediavine because of my blogging success. I attribute so much of my traffic and sales to Six-Figure Blogger.

What information do you want to know about my Six-Figure Blogger Review? Comment below.

Six-Figure Blogger Review

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