Simple Ways to be a Happier Person

simple ways to be a happier person

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 Doesn’t everyone want to be happier? Here are some simple ways to be a happier person.

I’m sure you would never give away a box of happiness to an enemy but we unknowingly do it every day. 

Unfortunately, life isn’t always predictable and full of joyous moments. 

It’s important to make sure we aren’t relying on circumstances and events for our happiness.

I would never want to give away control of my happiness to another person or circumstance. 

Why should a relative get to decide if I am happy or not?

Why should my bills get to decide if I am happy?

Why should a co-worker get to decide if I am happy?

Are you giving your joy away every day?

Simple Ways to be a Happier Person

Guard Your Joy

My happiness is important to me and I am not about to trade it in for anger if someone cuts me off in traffic. You have to consciously make that decision to give your happiness away and take anger instead.

My joy is expensive and I won’t be trading it in for silly reasons to be mad.

Think of your happiness as a treasure, not a random occurrence that happens from time to time. 

You are in control of your happiness.

Put on your Happy Glasses

There are millions of reasons to be mad all day long or millions of reasons to be excited.

You get to choose which ones you focus on.

This isn’t some fluffy saying…it actually works.

You can train your brain to find joy, blessings, and thankfulness which in turn creates “happy neurotransmitters” and “feel good hormones”.

If you don’t even know where to start, try writing down 5 things you are thankful for each day.

This simple step will start to switch over your thinking in the right direction.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You are a unique individual and the only YOU on the planet…so stop comparing yourself to others. 

No one has the unique skillset, gifts, and talents that you possess and when you compare yourself to others you are looking at their skills wishing they were yours.

It would be silly for me to look at a construction worker and wish I had those skills, I obviously don’t, but I do have a completely different set of skills that I should be proud of. 

You have your own abilities that others don’t possess so instead of wishing you were like someone else… be proud of who you are.

Self-love and self-care are smart ways to be a happier person.

Be Authentic and Vulnerable

Right now the world is crying out for authenticity.

In an age of social media where everyone can make their life look better than it’s really going…there is a huge need for the authentic.

Putting up a front or being fake takes so much energy and constantly sends signals to your brain that you aren’t good enough. 

Seeing people’s struggles and low days gives you strength for your own life. 

Shame tries to tell you that your the only one who is going through something hard so you better not let it show. Shame is a lier. 

You are not the only one going through hard days and when you are real with the world it’s a very freeing experience. 

Others need to see your struggles and how you handle things. 

The next time you are having a hard day…know you’re not the only one.

One of the best ways to be a happier person is to love who you are.

Set Up Healthy Boundaries

It’s a common problem for people to give away too much access to their lives. 

Do you have a friend constantly dragging you down with their problems?

A relative trying to make every decision for you?

A loved one dictating how you can use your time?

By setting up healthy boundaries…you can be in control of your time and energy.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t help others, you can actually help them more because your life will be more organized and you won’t be as drained emotionally.

I love helping family and friends with problems they come to me with, but I don’t work harder on their problem then they should.

Do not work harder on other peoples problems then they are.

People don’t have the right to hand you a problem and expect you to fix it. You have your own life to live.

Do you have a friend that expects you to fix all their problems?

Healthy boundaries look like…”I don’t have time (to listen to you complain about the same problem over and over) right now but I do have Friday afternoon open if you wanted to grab lunch”. 

This example lets you still be there for a friend without letting them take over your time and attention. 

Ready to make a change?

If you need more help with healthy boundaries, thankfulness, and mindset changes, the Love Yourself Healthy devotional is just what you need. 

I have created the Love Yourself Healthy devotional with daily action steps to walk you through creating a mindset of joy and reducing lies you may be believing. 

Let us know what ways to be a happier person you have tried below in the comments.

ways to be a happier person

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  1. To be happy I try to be present. When there’s a lot to dwell on we have to make time to dwell and time not to. (: it’s a practice its not that easy I have found when others can affect that process and you have to pull back out of that.

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