This is my lyrical host review and all opinions are my own.

When I started Bliss Health Coaching I had loads of health info I wanted to share with the world but not too many blogging skills.

I had no idea how important website hosting was and the effects it can have on my site speed and traffic.

My website has grown from a baby into a powerful resource income for my family and I knew it needed to be protected.

My old host was a big name brand and their customer support was awful. If I even had a quick question I had to wait for hours even days for a response.

Because I’m not a techie person if my website ever crashed I would have no idea how to get it up and running again.

I was in charge of my own backups and had to pay extra for everything.

I felt so out of control with my site, I didn’t know how to use the hosting control panel to do anything I needed.

Even worse, with my old host, they actually shut down your site if you get a huge traffic spike that your plan doesn’t allow. 

Having content go viral is every blogger’s dream come true and you wouldn’t want your host shutting down your site due to unexpectedly high traffic.

Wonder why I chose Lyrical Host?

My Lyrical Host review

Finding Lyrical Host was a breath of fresh air.

They actually care about your blog and want you to succeed.

When I had them move my site from Hostgator over to their Lyrical Hosting it was completely hands-off on my part. My site was moved over and they gave me feedback every step of the way.

They transferred my site, domain, and email over to their platform in hours with no downtime. My website traffic was continuous the entire time.

Did I mention they migrate it all for free?

There are never any hidden fees with Lyrical Host and they will not jack up the price when you need to renew. After my experience with them I knew I had to write a Lyrical Host review.

Key features I love:

All of their hosting plans include all the features and services you need:

  • SSL certificates
  • Email addresses
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Automatic WordPress core updates
  • One-to-one developer-grade support
  • Free resources
  • Free masterclasses

Free Malware Scanning and Cleaning

Lyrical Host will scan and clean your website and fix anything they find because they want your site to be healthy. This benefit is included in your plan and isn’t extra.

Go Viral with Confidence

Since most of my traffic comes from Pinterest, my traffic has violent shifts and swings. I need the peace of mind that if I had a pin go viral that my site can handle the extra traffic and won’t be shut down.

Amazing Support Team

They have an advanced team of developers to help you with all of your WordPress questions so you don’t have to hire out someone else and pay for tech help.

Free Classes

Lyrical Host offers free classes on blogging skills, affiliate programs and how to monetize your website.

Free Resources

Because they want you to succeed they give away free resources every month such as stock photos, workbooks, and social media templates to use.


Lyrical Host supports several nonprofit organizations including children’s education in Mozambique and they even plant a tree in your honor to offset carbon use.

Lyrical Host makes blogging safe and easy

My website is faster than ever and completely safe since they back up my site every night.

They allow me to focus on creating content and helping people live healthier lives which is why I created a website, to begin with.

I have peace of mind that I can talk to them at any time with questions.

Their flat rate prices are straightforward and honest.

Let me help you get started

How could I not share this company with my fellow bloggers?

Because I love Lyrical Host so much I am an affiliate for them.

If you are ready to have your website hosted with a company that will increase your site speed and covers your back if something happens to your site…Lyrical Host is for you.

You can get 10% off with the code: BLISSHEALTH10 at the checkout.

I wrote this Lyrical Host review because I couldn’t keep this company to myself. They are fast, secure, simple and elegant.

If you are a blogger you need a host for your website you can trust. Find out why I chose Lyrical Host for my blog and get a discount on your first purchase. #lyricalhost #blogging #hosting #bloghost