Do you know how to remove limiting beliefs…excuses for why we can’t succeed or why we don’t even try.

What if we could take off those glasses and remove limiting beliefs?

What would it look like to see the world with freedom?

To look around and see endless opportunities in front of you and actually believe they are possible to achieve.

Limiting beliefs are lies we believe without even thinking about it. We just assume things aren’t for us or automatically exclude ourselves from the plan. That new idea is for other people right?

What if there were opportunities for you but you couldn’t see what they were because you were blinded by lies?

Learning how to remove limiting beliefs isn’t just about getting wealthy, though that certainly helps. It’s about seeing what is available to you. You can lose weight, you can turn your health around, you can be a great example for your children. It all starts with what you think about.

Most of our beliefs are formed from our childhood and the people we spent the most time with…particularly your parents. If your parents were fearful those thought patterns are taught to you by example. If your parents were angry or sad or very negative…your brain learned to be wired the same way.

You have to be intentional in changing the way you think. It takes focus to catch those thoughts and replace them with the truth.

How to remove limiting beliefs:

Write them down, write down what your desires are and the reasons you can’t do what you desire. Next, write the opposite of why you can’t accomplish your desire. For example, if it’s your desire to lose weight but you “don’t have the time” write down ways you can make time. Maybe cut some things out of your schedule that is not benefiting you…such as Netflix.

By writing down the opposite of what is holding you back, it will help reprogram your brain to see that you actually do have time, resources, courage or whatever else you feel you are lacking. Write down what you can achieve. Hang it all over your house if you have too until you begin to believe you were created to do great things.

Visualization is a key to removing limiting beliefs. If you spend all your mental energy reinforcing bad beliefs…why expect anything different. Your imagination was made for you to create with. Spend some time dreaming and visualizing yourself exceeding in what your heart desires. Maybe you have been meaning to work out more or be more confident.

Take some time to see yourself practicing these things. What does it feel like to exercise or walk into a room confident in who you are?

Use your senses when you visualize, think about how things feel, smell and taste. How does it feel to be in shape or what feeling comes to you when you stand in front of others without shame?

Making a vision board is a great way to keep your goals right in front of your face. Constantly reminding your brain what you are capable of and that no one can stop you but yourself.

Take practical steps toward your goals, even if it still doesn’t feel possible. Order a brochure from a college, tour a gym, tell a friend you’re going to start eating better. Just physically do something. Each small step you take activates your ability to believe it is possible. There are always other people doing what you thought you couldn’t do, talk to them. Ask them how they got started!

Once you start to notice other people doing what you want to be doing…you become aware of some of the lies that were holding you back. The more you hang around successful people the more lies start to crumble. Mindsets are learned, limiting beliefs are learned. Hanging with people who are doing what you love will help remove limiting beliefs.

Have you ever noticed that small children believe anything! They have to be taught unbelief, to them anything is possible. What if you could see your world like that too!

Most of peoples weight problems start with how they feel about themselves. When people start to love who they are, they treat themselves to a higher standard. They begin to care for themselves…eat better food and exercise more. When you begin to love who you are, anything is possible.

Love Yourself Healthy is a devotional created to walk you through removing limiting beliefs and planting the truth of who you are. It’s designed with action steps and practical ways you can start seeing opportunities and changing your life.

It’s a 20-day journey to freeing your mind and falling in love with who you are.

It’s never too late to change your mindset if you learned to be fearful you can learn to be courageous, if you learned you are stupid, you can learn how smart you really are!

Did we miss how to remove limiting beliefs your way? Let us know in the comments.

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