It’s all around us you just can’t see it! Millions of radio waves going right through you, your house and your loved ones.  This technology is relatively new to the earth if you think about it.  100 years ago none of it existed, so how do we know if its safe to be constantly surrounded by radio waves, microwaves, cell towers and wifi routers?

Our eyes don’t have the ability to see this dirty energy thats polluting our air.


“Dozens of studies, including the one in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, suggest that even low levels of EMFs depress the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle. German research finds that people with low melatonin levels report depression, brain fog, exhaustion, and agitation—symptoms of electro-sensitivity.” Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman

Wireless radiation can make you and your family sick! The World Health Organization classifies cell phone radiation as a class B carcinogen. Our children may be at greatest risk for radiation exposure because they will be the first generation to be born and live with lifetime exposure.

In our home, we use Safe Connect Plus to shield our family from harmful radiation. This company has produced a product that creates a subtle energy field that interacts with the human biofield.  It raises the frequency of the chaotic energy that passes around and through you all day long. It uses a chip with 230+ resonating frequencies that help the human body come to a state of homeostasis on a cellular level.

Their products are vast and they really have created something for everyone. Since everyone’s lifestyle is different they have a house shield to protect your body from hairdryers, tv’s and other electrical devices. Safe connect plus has a huge array of necklaces to be worn for people on the go or for someone who works in a building with wifi routers. These are great for sending with kids at school! My favorite item they sell is a cell phone shield.  We all keep our cell phones close to us all day and its a high source of radiation.  Placing a shield right on your cell phone fully protects you from the cell phone radiation.  You can find more information on these products HERE.

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