Plant-Based Diet for Lupus: My Experience

plant based diet for lupus

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Are you wanting to try a plant-based diet for Lupus?

After struggling with the same symptoms for years and years I decided to give plant-based eating a try.

I really felt like I had tried everything else and my body just wasn’t responding as I had hoped.

My autoimmune symptoms were:

  • Brain Fog (severe)
  • Stiff Joints
  • Migraines
  • Hair Loss
  • Joint pain
  • Aching hands
  • White toes (Raynaud’s)
  • Sinus issues
  • Rashes
  • Memory Problems
  • Exhaustion
  • Sulfur Sensitivity
  • Anxiety

After doing some digging I found that many people with Lupus do well on a plant-based diet and I wanted to give it a try.

I feel like I have tried so many things already and honestly didn’t have much hope.

I had already tried low carb, Keto, and AIP Diet. I will say the AIP diet (Autoimmune Paleo Diet) gave me the most relief out of anything I had tried but I think it was a bit too meat-heavy for my body.

I do know people who are on the AIP diet and are doing well, maybe they were eating less meat than I was.

In the past, I had noticed the days I ate less meat I actually felt better.

After hours of research and videos, I decided to give plant-based eating a try.

Plant-Based Diet for Lupus

Why plant-based? I spent several days carefully listening to Dr. Brook Goldner who had Lupus herself and it is now reversed.

She explained how a plant-based diet can dramatically lower inflammation and start to repair the gut.

Meat and dairy are extremely inflammatory foods for those with autoimmune disease so I decided to cut them out.

After my announcement on my Instagram about the changes I was making, I got many messages telling me Plant-Based eating was very different from Vegan.

Here are the differences between Plant-Based vs. Vegan diet. 

What I ate for a week on a Plant-Based Diet for Lupus

Because I was so sick I followed Dr. Brook Goldner’s protocol strictly for the first week.

Not only was it plant-based but the first week is a raw plant-based with a specific smoothie recipe.

Twice a day I drank this smoothie:

  • Frozen fruit
  • Large handfuls of kale
  • 2 Tablespoons of flax seeds
  • Water
  • Blend and drink

No, it didn’t taste good but I drank it anyway, twice a day.

One smoothie in the morning, small plant-based lunch with no oil, a smoothie in the evening.

This was my diet for a week and I was blown away by the results!

My Results from a week on a Plant-Based Diet

After just two days, I woke up in the morning and realized I could turn my head farther on each side.

My joint stiffness was definitely going down.

I also had way less pressure behind my eyes and I didn’t feel a migraine coming on.

(I’ve written extensively about my migraines and they are debilitating. Every morning my head felt full of pressure and I always had a pre-migraine)

Because of these results in just two days, I decided to continue further and even ordered the How Not to Die Cookbook.

Just seeing how my body responded from a few days on plant-based, I know I am on the right track.

Plant-Based Meals for Lupus

I have not been on the plant-based diet long enough to give you a specific outcome but I know it’s working so far.

It’s been a week and I am slowly transitioning my family over to plant-based eating and I’m having fun trying new recipes I plan to share with you all.

If you have tried plant-based eating for autoimmune or Lupus please leave a comment below and let me know how you are doing.

The 28 Days Plant Based Made Easy Course has been so helpful to get me started. It’s full of recipe video demonstrations, meal planning, kitchen prep, and lectures from the best plant-based doctors.

I want to note again Whole Food Plant-Based is different from Vegan in many ways so I am not referring to eating vegan.

plant based diet for lupus

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