Have you ever wondered what is in your deodorant? What actually stops your armpits from sweating? The active ingredient in grocery store deodorant is Aluminum. It plays a role in stopping or clogging the sweat glands in your pits to keep the moisture inside and your pits dry. Sounds great you may think.  But upon closer examination, we see that aluminum can have scary effects on the body.

According to some (1) aluminum can be absorbed into the skin tissue and increase risk of breast cancer. Aluminum is also classified as a neurotoxin and can play a role in neurological problems, even Alzheimer’s. Everything, I mean everything that goes on our skin gets absorbed like a sponge.

When we put chemicals on our skin day after day the chemicals start to build up inside our bodies and can reek havoc on our systems. I don’t know about you but if I’m going to rub something on my skin every single day, it had better be safe!

Years ago we went on the search for an aluminum free deodorant. We tried several store brands, only to be disappointed. I smelled several hours after applying the product. After reading online reviews and playing around in my kitchen, I discovered something that would work for us. We make our own deodorant! I see deodorant recipes all over the internet now but we love ours and are sticking with it. It is so simple and takes about a minute to make.

We have all been using it for YEARS and we are still smelling good. One of the ingredients in the deodorant is baking soda. It actually works by drawing out toxins in your armpits. It can cause irritation the first week you use it but that goes away and you’re left with beautiful pits! I can even say because of how great it detoxifies, I can “forget” to put deodorant on and I still don’t smell. This is a shocking statement because in my teen years I had to buy clinical strength deodorant just to keep my body odor under control.

Now I can skip days of applying and I still smell fresh all due to the detoxifying abilities of this deodorant. Plus coconut oil is antibacterial! You won’t be disappointed.

Ok on with the recipe. We have a little glass jar we keep the deodorant in.

We add equal parts baking soda, cornstarch and coconut oil.  That’s it! You can add whatever essential oils you want to scent it. We love LIME and find it refreshing. Its so simple and effective I will never go back to store-bought deodorant again. With aluminum being a neurotoxin, I have the peace of mind my family is keeping their bodies whole.


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