What if you could take niacin for depression and anxiety and see real results?

6.2 Million people in the United States struggle with depression and two-thirds of these people will not seek treatment.

People with depression are four times more likely to have a heart attack compared to people with other illnesses. Coincidently, niacin effectively lowers cholesterol and greatly reduces clogged arteries. Could there be a connection?

Dr. Hoffer explains: “Niacin is the best substance for elevating high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (the “good cholesterol) and so decreases the ratio of the total cholesterol over high-density cholesterol.”

Niacin is thought to eat up extra methyl groups in the brain that can contribute to depression for people who are overmethylating. Head and neck pain, paranoia, and ruminating on thoughts are also symptoms of overmethylating.

Here is a great video clip discussing the benefits of niacin and how it pertains to mental health.

Niacin is most known for its ability to create a “flush” in people. This flushing experience is because the blood vessels dilate. It can create a mild hot flash type feeling, redness on the skin and a tingling sensation that lasts 10 minutes or so.

To prevent a flushing experience start with very small quantities of niacin and slowly work your way up. It’s also best to take niacin on a full stomach after a meal.

Here are a few excerpts are taken from Abram Hoffer’s journal about his work on Niacin.

In 1960 seven-year-old Bruce came to see me with his father. Bruce had been diagnosed as mentally retarded. He could not read, could not concentrate, and was developing serious behavioral problems such as cutting school without his parents’ knowledge. He was being prepared for special classes for the retarded. He excreted large amounts of kryptopyrrole, the first child to be tested. I started him on nicotinamide, one gram. Within four months he was well. He graduated from high school, is now married, has been fully employed and has been paying income tax. He is one case out of about 1500 I have seen since 1960. 


Here is an example of how niacin can really help: One patient, a properly diagnosed, utterly-incurable, state-hospitalized schizophrenic patient, would not see niacin work in the hospital, of course. No, the patient was a fellow whose parents were desperate enough try anything, even nutrition. Perhaps this was because their son was so unmanageably violent that he was kicked out of the asylum and sent to live with them. On a good day, his Mom and Dad somehow got him to take 3,000 milligrams of niacin and 10,000 mg of vitamin C. Formally a hyperactive insomniac, he responded by sleeping for 18 hours the first night and becoming surprisingly normal within days. It was an astounding improvement.

Using niacin for depression and anxiety isn’t a new idea. It has been well documented for nearly 50 years. The causes of depression can vary greatly but I would hate to see someone suffer needlessly when a 5$ bottle could have brought freedom.

You can find niacin here. This is a low dose of niacin at 100mg per pill. I personally cut these pills in half to start since I am sensitive to new things. I experienced a small flush with the 50mg and my mind was much clearer for the rest of the day.

Side effects of niacin are so minimal compared to the popular psychiatric drugs on the market today, plus you get the added benefit of lowered heart disease.

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If you have experience using niacin for depression I would love to hear your comments below!

Please share with us if niacin for depression and anxiety, and it has changed your life.


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