We have 2 salt lamps in our house. They are a great topic of conversation when people come over and they are simply beautiful. They give a warm inviting glow to any room. Although I love the looks of them, that’s not the main reason we have them. There are several other benefits I want to tell you about and why you NEED one.

Have you ever stepped outside after a thunderstorm and took a deep breath? Notice how the air is different, it’s easier to breath in and it’s so refreshing! The air is actually different, it’s not your imagination. Before a storm, the air gets built up with positive ions. During the storm, the lightening and rainfall break the positive ions and leave the air full of oxygen. The storm brings negative ions to balance out the positive ions that were plentiful.

So what does that have to do with a salt lamp you ask? A salt lamp is a large solid piece of pure Himalayan salt. Salt lamps are negative ion generators. The small bulb inside the lamp slowly heats the salt, the salt attracts moisture to it and releases negative ions. So you are creating this same thunderstorm effect on a smaller scale for your home.

If your home is like mine, it is full of electronics and computers, smartphones and tablets. All of these contribute to positive ion build up. Symptoms can range from allergies, insomnia to headaches and mood disorders. It’s becoming such a problem, scientists have labeled it electronic pollution.  The negative ions that are released from the salt lamp help to neutralize the positive ions in the air, decreasing bacteria and mold.

The light produced by the salt lamps has a beautiful glow and here Dr. Mercola states “The wavelengths of salt crystal colors fall within the upper nanometer zone (600-700 nanometers) — producing positive and soothing effects.”

Besides the large scientific studies to prove salt lamps release negative ions that help cleanse the air, I can tell you first hand these lamps are amazing! They really do freshen the air, not like a plug in air freshener that covers up odors. I am talking fresh like after a thunderstorm or like walking through a woods fresh. They leave the air feeling lighter and it’s honestly easier to breath.

Not only is the salt lamp a conversation piece in our home it really does clean the air of electronic fog and leave our rooms smelling fresh!  

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