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Natural Ways to Clean Your Home

natural ways to clean your home

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Easy, natural ways to clean your home that are safe for you and your family.

A lot of the popular name brand cleaners contain extremely toxic chemicals that can put your health in danger.

Children born to women who held cleaning jobs while pregnant have an elevated risk of birth defects, according to a 2010 study by the New York State Department of Health. (source)

These chemicals are no joke! I’ve personally experienced migraines and histamine reactions from smelling toilet and shower cleaners.

Just imagine what long term use of these products could do, or even worse, chemicals that seep into your toddler’s skin.

I want a clean house just like everyone else but I will not sacrifice my health to do so.

There are plenty of ways to clean and disinfect your home without the use of harsh chemicals.

Natural Ways to Clean Your Home

Natural Cleaning Ingredients

Before you start cleaning your home, you need to compile some natural ingredients and tools.

For natural cleaning, some of the best ingredients include:

  • white distilled vinegar
  • baking soda
  • lemon
  • borax
  • cornstarch
  • essential oils
  • Castile soaps
  • and of course good old fashioned water

All of these natural products are cheap and effective at cleaning.

Castile soap is an organic soap product made from oils. It comes concentrated so a little goes a long way. One bottle will last you forever.

It’s perfect for making your own spray cleaners, using in the shower on your body, or cleaning around the house. It’s a very safe soap.

You will also need a few supplies for making your own natural cleaning products including empty spray bottles and possibly measuring spoons or measuring cups.

We love these glass spray bottles for cleaning solutions. They are also reusable to reduce waste.

One of my favorite recipes to use for these glass spray bottles:

  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 20 drops of essential oil (tea tree, lemon)
  • Fill with water

This solution perfect for your bathroom shower and toilets. The vinegar keeps mold from growing.

Easy Changes to Make Right Now

Use microfiber cloths – With microfiber cloths, they do a lot of the cleaning without needing anything other than water, or maybe a little baking soda for scrubbing. They are gentle, kind to the environment, and can be used over and over again.

Microfiber cloths are perfect for glass and are machine washable.

Stop buying scented products – You don’t need added scents in your cleaning products.

You can find natural ways to improve the smell of your home, including essential oil diffusers to provide natural fragrance at any time.

Many fragrances contain chemicals that are harmful to your health and are not regulated for your protection.

If smells give you a headache, it may be a chemical sensitivity issue. 

I go out of my way to buy unscented products, soaps, and detergents and it has reduced my migraines significantly.

Vinegar and citrus is the perfect combo – Any time you need to do some light cleaning or disinfecting, all you need is citrus and white vinegar.

These together work great for cleaning windows, wiping down countertops, and even mopping the floors.

Vinegar does a wonderful job of eliminating bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

Make a habit of cleaning as you go – Reduce how much scrubbing you need to do by cleaning more as you go.

Rinse dishes when you put them in the sink, wipe down counters after cooking, and rinse your shower walls more often.

It’s harder to get something clean if it has been left to sit and mold.

Natural Ingredients to Clean Your Home

 For natural ways to clean your home, you can make your own products. 

Deodorize and scrub with Baking Soda – Baking soda is going to be your best friend when you decide to use natural cleaning products. It is excellent for scrubbing. 

I use a little baking soda to scrub sinks, toilets, and my shower if I need something a bit abrasive. It works great to scrub away soap scum.  

You can also use baking soda to deodorize almost anything. I’ve sprinkled it on carpet, mattresses, sofa’s, and to deodorize stinky spots in our house.

All-Purpose Cleaner – You can make your own all-purpose cleaner with just white distilled vinegar, water, lemon, and a bit of Castile soap.

Use about one part water with one part vinegar, then add the rind from a lemon to the bottle for added scent if you don’t have essential oil.

I like to add about a tablespoon of Castile soap to cut through grease and grim but it still makes a wonderful cleaner if you don’t have that on hand.

Just be careful about using the acidic products on granite or marble.

Let us know your favorite natural way to clean your home in the comments below.

natural ways to clean your home

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