Everyone wants to be healthy and have extra energy.

There are so many options out there to benefit our health it’s sometimes hard to know what we should invest in and what is a waste of our time and money.

Here are the 3 most common health mistakes I see people making in their attempts to “get healthy”.

Buying grocery store “health food”.  Companies want you to buy their products so they will try and boost about what makes their product healthy. For instance, because the cereal companies claim their cereal is a good source of fiber, people think this is a healthy choice. Another example is commercial yogurt, claiming to be a good source of probiotics which may be true but are you willing to eat the 6 plus teaspoons of sugar or aspartame and possible food dyes to get those probiotics?

Expecting a quick fix from a pill or shake. I love supplements and protein shakes but they are meant to supplement, in other words, they are not the reason you are getting healthy. Health comes from safe movement and adding real foods to our bodies so we get the proper nutrition. If the only thing you changed in your lifestyle was adding in a pill or just a shake you will not get the same results as someone who has cleaned up their meal plan and began to exercise. Feeling better involves our bodies, minds, and spirits and that can’t be quickly fixed with the newest fad supplement.

Striving to get healthy when you hate yourself.  Real change comes from believing you are worthy of change. When our minds are screaming hate at our bodies it’s hard to stick with any meal plan or exercise program. When you think you are destined to fail or quit, it shows in your behavior. When you start loving yourself, celebrating your small progress and letting go of guilt, of past mistakes you will see real change. The beginning of a healthy body is a healthy mind. Be kind to yourself!

Getting healthy is a whole lifestyle change that involves your body, mind, and spirit. Sticking to real whole organic foods is always a great option. Wise choices daily will make the biggest impact on your health. Don’t make the health mistake of looking for a quick fix or buying into so-called health foods that are pre-packaged.



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