*Wendy Purviance from Abundant Living Mommy is our guest for today and I’m sure you will be blessed.  She is a leading role model for moms who desire to live a non-toxic lifestyle.

Detox your home naturally, what does that mean?

There are environmental factors that contribute to our overall health.  Hidden items we aren’t even aware of that raise havoc on our mood, health, and overall wellbeing. 

When we hear detox, we immediately think of detoxing our body with a cleanse or food detox.  But detoxing your home is equal if not more important. 

The average home has  500-1,000 chemicals lurking around.  We are so accustomed to these chemicals we don’t even realize what they are.  Most of them we can’t see, taste or feel. 

Living a non-toxic lifestyle

Some skeptics say we are exposed to such a low dose it can’t be harmful to us.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Most studies have been done on high exposure not low exposure over a long duration. 

Another factor is tolerance.  Everyone’s tolerance is different.  This includes adults vs children.  Children immune system is still developing exposure to chemicals and toxins is more harmful to them. 

Someone with a compromised immune system, chronic illness or health condition will have a lower tolerance vs someone who is healthy. This article contains affiliate links which provide us a small fee at no cost to you.

Plastics Toss out the BPA or Bisphenol

All your plasticware & water bottles. If you have kids this includes pacifiers and bottles. There is some available BPA free make sure to read the labels. 

Today everything is about convenience and is made from some form of plastic. When we heat foods in plastic or even store in plastic it leaches into the food. 

Plastics are endocrine disruptors causing problems with hormones and have been linked to cancers and even diabetes.  Even items that say BPA free we are now finding out may have health concerns.

There is a rating system in place indicating the type of plastic.  If you plan on continuing to use plastics in your pantry do away with any marked with a (3)These are the most concerning. Use glass containers instead. 


Those cookie sheets & aluminum foil.  Living a non-toxic lifestyle means cutting out the aluminum foil. Research has found aluminum causes inflammation and may lead to degenerative symptoms including Alzheimer’s. We love this alternative.

Dump the dryer sheets. 

These little soft, sweet, smelling sheets have harmful ingredients.  Some including benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol & ethanol. 

These ingredients are known to cause cancer and central nervous system problems, including asthma. 

There are many natural sheets, alternatives like wool dryer balls or try making your own.

Toss your pesticides

If you read the label it says warning!  That should be our first warning… May lead to nerve, skin, eye conditions, headaches and nausea. There are many natural ways or even companies that help without putting our family at risk.

Household cleaners  

The list is extensive on the label of household cleaners, words you can’t even pronounce.

This is a big one because garments stay on our bodies most of the 24 hours of our day, rubbing on our skin and inhaling. 

Try making cleaners or switching to non-toxic, it not only saves money but also eliminates toxic levels of chemicals for our family to inhale.

Avoid non-stick bakeware, cookware, and utensils. 

Teflon, as we know it by name releases toxic fumes and PFC’s(perfluorinated chemicals). 

Have been found associated with smaller birth weights, elevated cholesterol, abnormal hormone levels, a weakened immune system, cancer, and developmental problems. Try these non-toxic skillets instead.

Replace skin, hair and personal products like toothpaste, deodorant, hair product. 

They are loaded with toxins. Parabens, formaldehyde, coal tar just to name a few. Visit the www.ewg.org to check the list of good cosmetic choices or make your own. We love this non-toxic toothpaste or you can make your own. 

Water filter

There are more than 700 chemicals in water.  Water filters help decrease this signally. Everpure EV9328-06 High Flow CSR Triple-MC2 System this system is expensive but worth the cost.

No Shoes in the house

Yes, I know how inconvenient. Friends would like I was crazy after the birth of our daughter.  I would ask anyone who came for a visit to remove their shoes.  Our shoes are loaded!

Our shoes hold not only dirt but pesticides, chemicals, and even urine. 

We lay and play on the floor a lot.

Toxins in flooring

Use natural flooring, hardwood, tile, all cotton. Use non-toxic glue and adhesives to install.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by this list.  Start with one or two items you feel are easy to tackle. 

It is about making small improvements each day for our families health and life. 

We can limit our toxic exposure in small ways helping to support a healthy immune system, mood, and even help with weight loss. 

Living a non-toxic lifestyle by Wendy


Let us know how you are living a non-toxic lifestyle, comment below.

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