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How to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time

how to stop feeling tired all the time

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How to stop feeling tired all the time is something thousands of people are asking. 

It can seem impossible to get through the day when it feels like you’re going in slow motion and you don’t have a drop of energy left. 

Do you feel like you need a mid-day nap?

Find yourself going to bed earlier every night?

I have a few key things I check when I am feeling very tired and having trouble controlling my emotions. When I am tired, it takes me longer to respond in love.

I also notice I crave carbs when I am tired which is so bad for gut health.

If you can’t seem to keep your eyes open throughout the day and find yourself exhausted, try these tips to see if you can find your lost energy. 

How to stop feeling tired all the time

Check your thyroid

Having an underactive or slow thyroid known as hypothyroidism can make just daily living seem exhausting. Your thyroid is the “gas peddle” for your body so to speak. If it is running slow your whole body and mind will also be running slow. It’s smart to have your TSH checked as well as free T3 and T4 at your doc. 

When my thyroid is slow it feels like my whole world is in slow motion, I have cold hands and feet and horrible brain fog. I chose to use desiccated thyroid instead of going the prescription route and use Raw Thyroid as a supplement. 

Is your Iron low?

When people ask me how to stop feeling tired all the time the first thing I ask them is if their iron is low. Low iron makes me flat out disinterested in life itself. I feel very apathetic and even weepy when my iron is low. 

Iron is important because it helps create red blood cells which carry oxygen to your entire body. Your body can not work efficiently if your iron is low and you will definitely feel its horrible effects. 

The nice thing about low iron is…when you add in iron you will notice immediately. I have had several cases of low iron and felt an immediate difference when I took iron. Please note some iron supplements can cause constipation. I have found this one to be helpful without causing painful constipation. 

I used this iron supplement to help recover from sepsis last year. Iron supplements need to be kept away from children at all times. 

Check B12 levels

Iron and B12 work together to make red blood cells and B12 has many functions in running the nervous system. Low b12 can cause low energy, tingling in hands and feet, weakness, numbness and poor memory. This can be fixed by simply using a sublingual b12 supplement. 

We love this B12 supplement because it goes under the tongue and is quickly absorbed. 

Turn off your phone

Your phone’s blue light in your eyes at night can mess up your hormones including halting melatonin production. Blue light is emitted by the sun at noon and it also comes off of your phone. When your eyes see the blue light it disrupts your circadian rhythm and alters hormones. 

If you need to be on screens in the evening, it’s important to use blue blockers to keep that “noon” colored light out of your eyes. It’s very confusing to the brain when you look at your phone at night. 

Getting morning sunlight in your eyes is also good for melatonin production. Sunshine at different times of day have different colors of light. How often do you go outside in the morning?

Cut the caffeine

For some people, caffeine can stay in the system for hours after drinking it. If you are using it to try and combat your fatigue you could be stressing out your adrenal glands. When you cut caffeine you will find out how much energy you’re actually making.

If you desire a warm liquid in the morning try adding in some tea instead of coffee.

This gives you the ability to try new things and see if they actually work because the caffeine won’t be giving you “fake” energy.

Adjust your sleep schedule

There are many people who are tired because they simply go to bed too late. You need at least 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis for your body to heal and repair properly. You may have to cut out your favorite late-night show for a while to catch up on sleep. 

Try getting to sleep before 10 pm every night. It may help to create a bedtime routine like using your favorite relaxing essential oil before bed and make sure you keep your phone turned over so the light doesn’t keep you up. 

If insomnia is a constant struggle you can check out how to sleep better at night naturally for more help.

Calm your mind

Are your thoughts using up all your energy?

Do you find yourself arguing with people in their heads? 

Dealing with negative thoughts or anxiety can eat away at your energy.

If you are struggling with negative thoughts or anxiety issues it could be the key for how to stop feeling tired all the time. Your brain uses so much energy to think and you could be bombarding your brain with too many negative thoughts and stresses. 

It may take time to figure out how to stop feeling tired all the time but don’t lose hope. 

With some trial and error, you will have your energy back in no time.

Severe exhaustion may warrant a trip to the doc to have your vitamin levels checked or to look for an underlying condition that is stealing your energy. 

The key to how to stop feeling tired all the time may be one of these simple solutions, which ones have you tried? Let us know in the comments below. 


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  1. My Oncologist gave me a prescription for Iron (325mg) and B12 (sublingual) a few years ago and the two medicines have made a tremendous difference on my energy level.

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