How to Start Thinking Positive

how to start thinking positive

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Do you know how to start thinking positive?

Our thoughts can create our reality.

That’s a scary statement for some of us as we look around to see what we have created. Finding out how to start thinking positive can change our reality to line up with what is in our hearts.

The desire of our hearts can sometimes get squashed under all the negative thoughts that we let take over.

Arguing with someone in our heads, beating our selves up for past mistakes, or carrying the shame of who we think we are.

How to Start Thinking Positive

If you have been thinking negatively for a number of years, thinking positive isn’t going to come to you overnight. Those default automatic thoughts we have need to be uprooted and removed.

Your normal regular way of thinking has created a path in your brain. A path of least resistance that your brain is used to, it feels familiar and easy. When we bring in a new thought…such as being thankful for something, our brain doesn’t have an easy path for that thought. It has to create a path for the thought.

That’s why it is so hard to change the way we think. You are literally forcing your brain to create new neurological paths.

The good news is if we force our brain to start thinking positive, it will create a nice clean path of least resistance for those positive thoughts and they will become easy and normal.

Our thoughts carry emotions and those emotions create brain chemicals. Negative thoughts create negative chemicals and positive thoughts create positive chemicals or neurotransmitters. You literally have the power to change your brain chemistry.

How to start thinking positive.

Being thankful. Thankfulness tells our nervous system that it can relax. It helps to switch off fight or flight mode and calm us down, relaxing the entire body. We feel safe when we are thankful. If this seems hard, try to start by finding one thing a day you are thankful for and think about it for a minute. You are rewiring your brain one thankful thought at a time.

Stopping negative thoughts. You need to start catching yourself being negative. If you are not aware of all the negativity in your head, try to take a step back and look at your thoughts. Watch them scroll by. You are not a victim of these thoughts. Try to notice when you argue with someone in your head. Try to become aware of how you talk to yourself, what do you say when you see yourself in the mirror?

Speaking Declarations. When we force ourselves to say declarations or affirmations, we are forcing our brains to create a new neuropathy. If you continue to say the declarations, especially with emotion, you will create a nice path of least resistance for your brain and these new declarations will become your default thought patterns.

When you try to say a declaration and it seems very hard, you know it’s not something you believe. It is not your default thinking. You want positive, victorious words to be your regular train of thought.

Visualization. What do you daydream about? Often we can find ourselves daydreaming about arguing with someone, picturing a tragic accident or a failure we are afraid of. Have you ever been daydreaming and realized you have tears in your eyes?

Your thoughts are tied to your emotions and your brain chemistry. Try taking some time and visualizing success, victories and great things happening in your life. Try to not only see this going on but to feel the emotions that come with the visual. Our imagination has the power to create.

Create Reminders. Life gets busy and we can pick up our old default thinking in a heartbeat. It’s wise to set up notes around your house or office as a reminder of how you are supposed to be thinking, even when it’s hard. It’s a choice to choose to be thankful, choose to feel victorious, choose joy.

If you’re waiting for your mind to magically get happy one day.. you will be waiting a long time. Joy is a choice, happiness is a choice, peace is a choice.

It’s time to be powerful people of God and start choosing how we will respond to circumstances. We are not victims of our environments.

Thoughts become words…words become actions.

How to start thinking positive is the first step toward a happy future.

Starting on a journey to thinking positive has the ability to turn things around for you, the ability to help you see through a new lens.

If you are ready to learn how to start thinking positive, the Love Yourself Healthy Devotional will guide you into speaking declarations over yourself and be changing the way you see yourself.

It’s the perfect start for anyone who is ready to bring happiness into their lives.


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  1. Thinking positive is not a habit its natural if you can think positive its a blessing from God but if your mind is negative you can’t attain this property!! Anyhow This article is awesome

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