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How to Start Living Healthy for Beginners

how to start living healthy

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Wondering how to start living healthy?

Sometimes a friend or family member’s diagnosis can scare you into making better choices.

Other times you can just see the clock ticking away and you know you want a better quality of life for yourself and your family.

Whatever your reasons, how to start living healthy isn’t hard to do or even expensive.

With simple changes, you can change your health.

How to Start Living Healthy

Feed Your Body Clean Ingredients

Eating clean is by far the most important change you can make.

Begin switching to a cleaner diet made up mostly of whole foods and unprocessed meals that you cook in your home.

Think clean meats, vegetables, and fruits.

If you don’t know how to begin I have an Eating Clean for Beginners guide.

Those who hate vegetables can check out How to Start Eating Vegetables. 

This is such an easy way to live a more natural lifestyle, simply by not eating too many processed, prepackaged, and frozen foods.

It will be healthier, save you money, and you will feel so much better.

Plus it feels great when you feed your kids more homecooked meals.

Start Drinking Water

Over half of your body is made up of water, so it makes sense that you need a lot of water continuously throughout the day in order to function smoothly.

Water helps you stay hydrated, gives you natural energy, is amazing for your skin, and can keep you from snacking too much.

Almost any issue you face externally or internally can at least be somewhat improved by drinking more water.

Please don’t drink tap water, it is full of chemicals. We have used the Berkey Water Filter for years and love it.

Start Using Natural Products

 To live a more healthy life, you need to cut chemicals out of your personal care products. 

This includes a wide range of products, including cleaning, skincare, beauty, and so much more.

There are over-the-counter natural options for just about everything you use in your life, from kitchen cleaners and air fresheners to moisturizers and shampoo.

Don’t try to do everything at once, but start changing one product at a time.

When you run out of something and go to the store to get more, just try to choose a more natural or organic option.

A guide to Reducing Toxins in Your Home.

Start Taking Your Thoughts Captive

In my opinion, this is just as important as eating clean food.

If you are mentally defeated your healthy changes won’t last long.

You have to stop those negative thoughts and learn to think encouraging positive thoughts.

This isn’t some new-age junk, it’s about learning to retrain your brain to work for you.

Those thoughts create chemicals and chemicals control your mood.

If you want to live happy and healthy you need to take control of your negative thoughts.

If you need help in this area I’ve created a Love Yourself Healthy devotional to get you moving in the right direction.

Surround Yourself with Healthy People

If all of your close family and friends are making horrible choices and eating junk food it will be hard for you to succeed.

You may need to set up some healthy boundaries around these people to keep them from dragging you down.

You can still love people without letting them influence your choices.

how to start living healthy



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