If you think corn is a veggie, you need to know how to start eating vegetables. 

Corn my friends is a grain.

Vegetables can be scary…I get it. 

I’ve stood in front of the produce aisle like a deer in headlights so many times.

I wanted to eat vegetables but I just didn’t know what to do with them…or what they could be turned into. 

If you think creamed corn is a veggie or you just need to know how to start eating vegetables, you have come to the right place. 

Vegetables are healthy for you.

  • Vegetables are packed full of vitamins and nutrients.
  • The more veggies you eat, the more array of nutrients you will get.
  • Think of eating a rainbow of colors when it comes to veggies. 
  • Your heart loves veggies and your arteries will thank you.

Vegetables are filling.

  • They contain fiber and that bulk material fills up your stomach with very few calories. 
  • You can eat a huge plate full of veggies compared to a tiny about of fat or sugar and get the same calories. 
  • The fiber in those veggies helps to feed the good bacteria in your gut and keep your bowels moving regularly.
  • Believe it or not, you can train your body to enjoy eating vegetables.

Vegetables are cheap.

  • You would be surprised at some of the tiny prices on the veggies. 
  • For the best prices try to shop in season when things run cheaper.

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How to Start Eating Vegetables

Cut Out Sugar

If vegetables are something you are not used to eating my first advice would be to cut out the sugar. 

Plants have a naturally bitter flavor, some more than others. Any sugar in your meals will make the veggies taste worse than they really are.

You can actually train your taste buds to adapt to the flavor and even enjoy it. 

Add Them In Slowly

You can start adding in vegetables to your regular meals and ease your way into the taste. 

  • Try adding some shredded carrot or zucchini into your pasta sauce.
  • Add spaghetti squash into your regular pasta.
  • Stuff a few leafy greens into a fruit smoothie.
  • Try some pureed cauliflower in your mashed potatoes.
  • Make some homemade salsa instead of canned.
  • Instead of french fries try sweet potato fries.
  • Make bread with a veggie like zucchini or carrot bread.

The goal is to add in more veggies where your comfort level is which will be different for everyone. 

If you eat canned green beans try making fresh green beans. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Cooked Veggies First

Any cooked vegetable will have a more mild taste than eating it raw. If you are not used to the flavor I advise cooking it.

It’s also easier for the digestive system to get used to all the new fiber when it’s cooked. 

Try steaming some broccoli, add fresh veggies to a soup or roasting the vegetables on a sheet pan with some oil. 

Roasted veggies are my favorite way to eat them.

Especially roasted cauliflower which you can make by simply tossing the cauliflower in oil and spreading it out on a cookie sheet until lightly browned. It’s even more delicious if you toss in some garlic.

My Favorite Kitchen Items for Vegetables

If you are serious about adding vegetables to your meals, which you should be, I have to share some of my favorite kitchen helpers for produce. 

First up is Veggie Wash which removes all the wax, pesticides and harmful chemicals that are on your vegetables. This non-toxic spray is perfect for letting the kids clean up your new apples from the store. You don’t want to eat those pesticides…trust me.

This Vegetable Chopper will make it easier to cut up your veggies nice and small so you can sneak them into your meals. Your kids will thank you later when they are nice and healthy. No, seriously this chopper saves so much time and energy because it does the hard work for you.

Reusable Produce Bags is another favorite of mine. You can wash your veggies right in the bag! It also lets the vegetable breath in the refrigerator so they stay fresh so much longer. Veggies wrapped in a plastic sweat and start to mold so fast in my fridge.

Ready for an Air Fryer? I personally haven’t tried this yet but I have many friends that swear by air fried asparagus. There are many other veggies that crisp up nicely in the Air Fryer and I’m excited to get one.

Make It Fun

When you know how to start eating vegetables it can be turned into a game.

I let my kids pick a veggie out of the produce aisle when we go to the store. A few times they have picked items I didn’t know what to do with such as a parsnip…we just looked it up on Pinterest and found some delicious recipes to try.

Your whole family will be more likely to eat veggies if everyone is involved. 

Try finding a local farmers market for the freshest produce and bring the whole family. You can grab some veggies and maybe a bar of homemade soap! That’s my favorite find at a farmers market.

I know a family that does veggie of the week. Each week they try a new veggie and cook it in several different ways. It may take a few tastes to get your body used to the veggie.

So let’s get the ball rolling and tell me your story of how to start eating vegetables. What veggies are your favorite?








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