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How to Repair Your Gut Lining

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How to repair your gut lining isn’t hard but it does take time.

Your gut lining has a huge job to do every day. 

When you eat, the lining of your gut lets the nutrients through.

A problem arises when the lining of the gut has been abused and the junctions start to widen which let in larger food particles.

This is known as gut permeability or leaky gut.

It can lead to autoimmune symptoms, inflammation issues, oxalate problems, migraines, skin issues, and overall bad health.

You must repair your gut in order to start feeling better and reversing your symptoms.

So how do you start repairing your gut lining and reversing leaky gut?

How to Repair Your Gut Lining

Cut Out the Sugar

How bad can sugar really be?

Sugar feeds candida and bad gut bacteria which tear apart your gut lining. You can’t keep eating sugar and expect your gut lining to start repairing.

You want your body in repair mode, not full of inflammation. Sugar must be cut out in order to drop inflammation and start repairing the gut.

Cut out Unnecessary Medications

Medicines like ibuprofen, Tylenol, and prescription meds will tear up your gut lining faster than anything else. 

If you are on prescription medication you need to discuss that with your doctor before making any changes.

But if you are just popping ibuprofen or Tylenol because you are in pain, it’s just going to make it worse.

Taking those medications on a regular basis will cause more inflammation and burn through the gut lining.

Reduce Foods that Cause Inflammation

Foods that cause inflammation include things like fast food, sugars, additives, chemicals to enhance flavor and preservatives, and hydrogenated oils. 

You can cut out these inflammatory items entirely by not eating packaged items and not eating fast food.

You will be left with real ingredients like fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats, herbs, and spices.

It doesn’t take long to feel the inflammation reduce in your body and you may even experience weight loss from water weight you have been holding onto.

Help your Gut Lining Repair with Collagen

Once you stop the destruction of your gut lining, your body may need some help in repairing the damage.

Adding collagen to your smoothies is a good start. It gives the body the proper building blocks to start tightening those gut lining junctions.

If you are interested in collagen, you can learn more about what kind to take in Using Collagen for leaky gut.

Include Intermittent Fasting for Your Gut

Part of the reason your gut could be inflamed is that it’s always full of food and it’s always working.

Intermittent fasting gives your digestive system a time to rest and repair. It also helps to balance out blood sugars which lower inflammation.

You could include intermittent fasting into your daily life by skipping breakfast, or you could pick a day of the week to fast allowing your gut time to repair.

Reducing Bad Gut Bacteria and Candida

For most people who struggle with leaky gut, candida and bad bacteria can be the culprit.

These bacteria and candida dig into the lining of the gut and weaken it.

Once you cut out the sugars which would feed it, it can be helpful to try some herbs to reduce those pesky parasites.

There are a variety of herbs for parasites that can be beneficial.

A Gut Repair Program

If your gut is in bad shape, it can be helpful to follow a plan created by a doctor to help your gut health.

We love and recommend Digestive Health Restoration Program by Dr. Jockers for gut repair.

He really understands the lining of the gut, inflammation, parasites, and autoimmune issues.

The program includes video recipes and meal plans making it easy to figure out what to eat and when.

If you are dealing with autoimmune issues, migraines, bloating, weight problems, or skin issues and feel you need more step by step help with your gut, please check out the Digestive Health Restoration Program.

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  1. Very good article and information. The suggestion about prescription meds turned out to be most valuable to me in resolving my months-long gut problem. Working with my dr was key.

    Also, please note that it should be INTERMITTENT fasting, not INTERMEDIATE fasting. I practice this often myself, and it is also helpful to my gut.

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