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How To Reduce Toxins In Your Home

how to reduce toxins in your home

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 You need this step by step guide of how to reduce toxins in your home.

Is your home full of toxic chemicals?

You may not even think of things like microwaving your food in plastic, air fresheners or cleaners with harsh chemicals.

Most of the “fragrances” in cleaners and air fresheners are not healthy to be breathing in.

In fact, I usually get a headache from air fresheners.

There are simple ways you can start reducing toxins in your home.

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How to Reduce Toxins in Your Kitchen

Get rid of plastic.

Even though plastic has gotten safer over the last few years, it is still a danger to your food. 

It’s my goal to remove all plastic from our home.

Some plastics contain harmful chemicals and even estrogen-like products that leach into the food and air. (source)

It’s much safer to choose stainless steel, glass or ceramic to store food products. 

Our family started using Eco-Friendly Bee’s Wax Wraps for covering our food so the food doesn’t sit in plastic.

We love our bee’s wax wraps and they smell just like honey.

After use, you can rinse them off in hot water and they dry almost instantly.

Ditch your microwave.

Although radiating your food may be convenient, it’s not good for your health. 

Microwaves are especially dangerous if you are heating up food in plastic containers.

We got rid of our microwave years ago and I don’t miss it at all. 

Our whole family uses a toaster oven which is a fast way to heat up food and more convenient than warming up the oven to cook. 

I cook anything from chicken, toast or just heating up leftovers in my toaster oven because it’s fast and safer than a microwave.

Trash Non-Stick Pans

Teflon pans can release dangerous chemicals when heated. (source)

They even contain a warning that the fumes could kill birds if you happen to have that pet. 

It’s much safer to cook in cast-iron skillets and ceramic coated pans. 

I’ve had my cast iron skillet for ages and it will last another lifetime. 

Although cast iron cookware does come with a learning curve, it can be non stick if you don’t wash it with soap.

Toss Junk Food

Prepackaged foods are full of additives, preservatives and are not fresh. 

It’s a smart idea stock your kitchen with ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and fresh meats. 

If it’s not in your kitchen…you won’t be tempted to eat it.

Having a quality water filter is a good way to remove fluoride from your drinking water.

We personally use the Berkey Filter.

How to Reduce Toxins in Your Livingroom

What could be toxic in your living room? 

This is where most families spend the majority of their time so you want this space to be free of harmful chemicals.

Cleaner Air

You can start by getting rid of air fresheners made of synthetic fragrances.

There are many other safer ways to make your house smell amazing.

Essential Oils are a smart choice to get your house smelling fresh and bright. Choosing plant-based products are actually beneficial for your health. 

Diffuser blends for home fragrance

  • Sage and Cedarwood
  • White Fir and Lime
  • Wild Orange and Ylang Ylang
  • Lemon and Clove

Leave Shoes at the Door

Taking off your shoes at the door is an easy way to keep dirt and germs from spreading around your house.

Think of all the places you walk such as public bathrooms especially during flu season. 

A basket or shoe bench by the door you enter makes it easy for the whole family to take off their shoes and keep them organized. 

This natural bamboo shoe bench is perfect for right beside the door and keeps your shoes off of the floor.

How to Reduce Toxins in Your Bedroom

Most people don’t think about how their bedding and mattress can affect them but most bedding collects germs and isn’t hypoallergenic…if you have allergies this is a problem.

Having hypoallergenic sheets and bedding can reduce allergies and keep your bed cleaner. 

You don’t have to throw out your whole mattress unless you want to!

SafeRest Mattress Cover provides a way for you to cover your existing mattress and keep dust mites, bacteria and germs out without the cost of replacing your mattress.

If allergies are a huge problem for your family you could also consider an air purifier to reduce pet dander, dust and mold spores.

You may consider an air filter such as the GermGuardian Air Purifier to reduce mold and pet dander. 

How to Reduce Toxins in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be a place of strong toxic cleaners. I know in the past I have had to spray my shower and run out so I didn’t breath in any fumes. 

There have been several times I have had a migraine just from breathing in some stinky cleaner. 

Why not pick cleaners that you can breathe in? 

Many companies are hearing our complaints and making safe green cleaners that do an amazing job. 

Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaners provide a safe way for you to clean your bathroom and wash your hands without harmful chemicals.

Consider a reusable cup for your menstrual cycle. 

I use a menstrual cup for my period instead of using tampons or pads. It’s a cleaner and safer since tampons have been found to contain harmful chemicals.

You can find my menstrual cup review and see for yourself if it’s a good fit for you. 

How to reduce toxins in your home on a budget

You can make changes slowly that are better for your family.

You don’t need to throw everything away at once.

How to reduce toxins in your home is a marathon, not a sprint. We started by asking for a toaster oven for Christmas from our family.

This gave us the ability to ditch the microwave. 

If you have glass containers you can start using those instead of the plastic. 

Bust out the essential oils you haven’t been using in a while.

Do you love DIY Recipes? 

I have a DIY plant remedies post about making your own homemade salves, beauty products, and cleaners if you would rather make your own.

Let us know how to reduce toxins in your home and what ideas you have already put in place.

Are you wondering if your current products are safe?

You can hop over to the Environmental Working Group and check any product you have against safety concerns and see what the ingredients are.

How to reduce toxins in your home.

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  1. Unfortunately Mrs.Meyers is actually a greenwashing product and not clean, there are better options such as Branch Basics, Thieves and Aunt Fannies.🥰

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