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How to Reduce Histamine in the Body

how to reduce histamine in the body

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There are things you can do right now to reduce histamine in the body.

The root of extra histamine release may just be chronic inflammation. 

When I hear people talking about histamine intolerance, may think histamine is the bad guy and that’s not the case.

Histamine is an important neurotransmitter that is vital to the immune system. 

When you are injured, histamine is released to help prevent infection and repair any damage.

The problem arises when you are chronically inflamed or infected and therefore releasing a lot of histamines. 

Another common problem is not being able to break down the histamine you have in your system so it starts to get backed up and overflow so to speak.

This causes a load of symptoms such as migraines, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, hives/rashes, food allergies, brain fog, bladder issues and runny nose.

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So how do you reduce histamine in the body?

Drink lots of clean water

Since histamine is water soluble, you can actually dilute histamine in your bloodstream if you feel a flush coming on. 

I have avoided several migraines that I felt coming on by drinking a lot of clean water when I felt the histamine release. 

Clean water also aids in proper methylation and helps remove toxins in your gut.

We use the Berkey Water Filter to make sure our drinking water is free of pesticides, fluoride, lead, and other toxic chemicals.

Temporarily cut out high histamine foods

Often, eating higher histamine foods can push your histamine over the edge. While you are working on reducing inflammation, it may be helpful to cut out those foods.

High histamine foods can include:

  • leftovers (meat in particular)
  • Vinegar
  • Fermented foods
  • Aged meats

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Consider a DAO Supplement

DAO is a natural enzyme that your gut creates to breakdown extra histamine and if your gut is in bad shape, chances are you’re not making enough.

By temporarily supplementing with DAO you can essentially eat away the extra histamine in your system thereby reducing your histamine intolerance reactions.

This shouldn’t be used as a lifelong supplement but until you have improved your gut health and got a handle on your inflammation.

This Histamine Block by Seeking Health happens to be our favorite.

It’s great for bloating, cramping, and food intolerances due to histamine.

Manage your stress

Believe it or not, your thoughts play a huge role in your health. 

Being stressed about a situation can cause mast cells to release histamine into the bloodstream. 

When you are stressed, your body produces stress chemicals and turns on the fight or flight response which is often unnecessary. 

Unfortunately, your body can’t tell the difference between some realistic imaginations and what is really happening. 

Taking your thoughts captive, spending time outdoors and asking for a third party opinion of a situation may help give you clarity on your stress. 

It’s common to take yourself too serious and often all you need is some time outdoors and laughter.

Don’t underestimate the role that stress plays in your histamine intolerance. Your perspective on life is so important.

Need some serious help with stress? I address it in this article.

Try an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I can proudly say…of all the diets I have tried for histamine intolerance, the Autoimmune Paleo Diet has been the best for me.

In the past I have tried:

  • Keto
  • Low Fodmap
  • Low-Carb
  • Candida Diet

I did find benefits to all these diets but didn’t get dramatic relief until finding the AIP Diet. I’m sure the reason is that the autoimmune paleo diet goes after inflammation.

If you reduce inflammation you reduce histamine release. Histamine is released because of inflammation.

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On this AIP diet, I am focused on filling my body with nutrition by eating 6-9 cups of vegetables a day. 

I include healthy fats like coconut cream, olive oil, coconut oil, and beef tallow. 

You can try my morning Coconut AIP smoothie!

Just several days into the AIP Diet my inflammation started to drain away, migraines disappeared, brain fog lifted, my skin cleared up and my bladder didn’t bother me anymore.

Honestly, I was shocked at the results because I feel like I have tried so many other things.

Need a detailed program to follow?

You can find the Autoimmune Elimination Program by Dr. Jockers that’s filled with recipe videos, worksheets, meal plans, and supplements.

Finding out what is causing inflammation in your body is a must if you want to reduce histamine levels. 

The histamine release will not stop if you continue to eat things you are allergic to

Cut out chemicals

This is huge, I can’t tell you the number of times I have smelled fumes off of a new item, cleaners or perfume and got a migraine 10 min later.

I buy clean unscented lotions, deodorants, cleaners, and makeup. These harsh chemicals are not meant to be on your skin or in your food. 

I also got rid of our microwave and haven’t looked back.

It can seem overwhelming to cut out chemicals because they are everywhere but it’s important to get the big ones like pesticides on produce, fragrances in lotions, and household cleaners.

Take time to read ingredients and if you can’t understand them, you probably shouldn’t put it on your skin or breath it in.

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Remember that histamine isn’t the bad guy. It’s simply being released because there is some type of inflammation going on in your body whether it be from the food you are eating or something in your environment or stress you are experiencing.

Let me know your favorite ways on how to reduce histamine in the body, in the comments below.

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