Are you running a health blog but not making any money?

Do you need to know how to make money from a health blog?

I started a health website a few years ago as a way to get all my researched health information out to those families who need it. I enjoy digging into the latest studies and guiding people in the right direction with their health. Little did I know I could actually learn how to make money from a health blog.

When I realized the potential of earning actual money from my blog, I dove into youtube tutorials about SEO, email marketing, and sales funnels. I found myself lost in a slew of information that was over my head. Now I consider myself an educated person with a college degree..but I couldn’t find anyone to actually explain what a sales funnel was!

I kept writing blog posts about insanely useful content but I wasn’t making money. I knew there had to be a way to combine helping people with their health and making money.

I didn’t have money for those expensive blogging courses. Some of those courses are thousands of dollars!!

Enter Six-Figure Blogger…I met a couple who was making insane money from their health website. I knew if they could do it, I could too!

This couple made a blogging course about how to monetize their health blog. This was perfect for me! They actually show you with videos how to monetize your health blog by showing you exactly what they did. That is what I needed to start making money.

Now, remember that I don’t have any money. Well, this blogging course was only 297$ so I scrapped up the cash by looking in my couch cushions, in my van and I may have eaten Ramon noodles for a few days.

And then magic happened!

I started waking up and finding sale notification in my email. I was making money while I was sleeping. My website was running whether I was working on it or not and making sales for me. I actually cried, not only because I was making money but because finally, I had hope and confidence.

How to make money from a health blog

Make money by using affiliate links

You can use affiliate links to your favorite products to create income. Not only are you helping your audience get healthier but you are getting paid for it. Great ways to use affiliate links are in review articles, in your emails and in blog posts. You can learn how to find the best affiliate companies and exactly where to put those links for great success. There are affiliate links right in this article..thanks in advance!

Some companies can give you up to 50% commission on a product. That means for each product that you sell to help someone gives you an income. You should only link to products you have tried and trust.

Create a relationship with your audience

There is a beautiful place where you can engage with your audience and confidently recommend products to them without being spammy. You can learn the art of creating content that builds a relationship with video, email marketing, and honest conversations. People will not purchase from someone they don’t trust. You must build a relationship in an honest authentic way if you are going to make money helping people.

Make money with your email list

Ah yes, the email sales funnel. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how to make a successful email sales funnel until I got Six-Figure Blogger. Get ready for this…they give you a template of exactly what to say and you just copy and paste it into your emails! Now you have to add your own information and story but the rest is done for you. This was the point I actually started seeing sales. I needed some hand holding with my email series and Six-Figure Blogger did just that.

People have caught on to spammy emails. They want emails that are authentic and personal. Using Convertkit helped me to send emails that looked personal and I am getting responses back. I am engaging with my audience.

Mastering your sales pages

Let’s say you have great products that can transform your audience’s health. Those great products actually work and people need them to feel better. Well if you have a crappy sales page, no one is going to buy those great products. You need to learn how to make a sales page that converts and isn’t spammy. Prepare yourself again…Six Figure blogger gives you sales page templates! They show you exactly how to construct a sales page that converts and feels authentic. You copy and paste, then enter your own information.

My favorite part about using this course was:

Six-Figure Blogger Review

Increased traffic means an increase in money. Not only am I helping more people, I’m getting paid to do it.

They tell you what not to do. They tell you how they messed up with their health blog and what doesn’t work so you don’t waste your time doing those same things.

I am helping people get healthy.

I am making money in an honest way.

My success is because I followed the step by step process laid out in Six-Figure Blogger. 

If you need more information on how to make money from a health blog, you can read my full review here.

Learning how to make money from a health blog has given me confidence that I am helping people and financial freedom. I can use my passions to create an income.

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