Are you ready to learn how to love yourself again?

Rejection hurts, past mistakes hurt, and shame is painful but learning how to love yourself again is priceless and necessary to live an ecstatic life.

Learning how to love yourself again is a skill that has to be practiced and mastered.

Not only learning how to love yourself bring happiness to your life but it will improve the life of your friends and family.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

You are amazing!

You are full of gifts and talents that no one else has because you are unique.

Do you believe it??

It’s time you learn how to love yourself and really start living the life God intended for you.

Let’s set the bar high and learn how to love ourselves well.

How to love yourself again

Stop comparing yourself to others!

When you compare yourself to someone else…that person is probably comparing themselves to someone else and so on it goes.

The comparison isn’t fair because you are assuming a lot of someone else’s situation that probably isn’t true. Is anyone actually being original? Authenticity is attractive.

I used to be afraid to step out and do something I desired or something new because I figured it was already done. 

What would I bring to the table since others are already doing it? Have you felt that way?

Finally, I realized that no one could say things the way I could and I was unique.

You are the only YOU on the planet and people actually want to see who you really are…not a copy of someone else.

The world needs you to be fully you. It’s ok to fail or make a mistake, that’s how we all learn.

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t made a mistake before.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” -Theodore Roosevelt

Learn to forgive yourself.

Many people make the mistake of bringing up their past failures thinking it will keep them on a righteous path. Any form of self-punishment is wrong.

You can’t punish yourself into being a better person or improving your life. You have to forgive yourself for the choices you have made and take each day as a new fresh opportunity.

Everyone has regrets but let’s not camp there in our minds. Failure can be a valuable lesson and it can be a great time for personal growth, not punishment.

Don’t call yourself stupid for making a mistake. Learn to forgive yourself.

It’s important to say out loud “I forgive myself for (blank)”. 

Your brain needs to hear your mouth speak forgiveness. It just works.

Practice forgiveness until you are good at it.

Learning to forgive is hard at first. The more you practice the easier it gets. 

Soon you will realize that the people you were holding on too were weighing you down. 

Holding unforgiveness entangles you with the person you are bitter at. You need to let them go so you can live lighter.

How do you talk to yourself?

Most people would never have a friend who talked to us the way we talk to ourselves. What do you say when you look in the mirror? Forget an appointment? Drop something?

By default, we tend to curse ourselves and shame ourselves.

It does take effort but you can change the way you speak to yourself. It’s so hard at first and it can actually be painful to make a new neuropathy in your brain.

You must force yourself to start speaking life.

This helps reprogram your brain to start thinking in a different way.

Try looking in the mirror and complimenting yourself…you will see it can be hard if you haven’t built up a path in your brain for this way of thinking.

Start speaking to yourself how you would speak to a loved one or close friend. Your opinion of yourself is important.

Do you have healthy boundaries?

Are the people that you hang out with helping you fulfill your dreams?

Hanging out with negative people is just all together bad news.

We naturally pick up other peoples thought patterns and mindsets.

When you hang around people who constantly complain or have a strong victim mindset you are just reinforcing bad beliefs in your mind. It’s ok to set some healthy boundaries with people who are dragging you mentally down.

The group of people you socialize with should be uplifting and bring joy into your life.

Learning how to love yourself again is an amazing journey of self-discovery.

It’s an everyday decision that you are valuable and you deserve to be treated as such. It’s finding your true talents and letting go of bad habits.

It can be so hard to set up boundaries with friends and family. You need boundaries so all of your energy isn’t going to someone else’s problems. 

When you don’t set up healthy boundaries you can become bitter toward people who take up your time and energy.

Uprooting lies and planting truth.

Love Yourself Healthy Mindset Devotional was created to help you see the lies you are believing and start replacing them with the truth. It’s a journey of finding out who you really are with activities to get you moving in the right direction.

It’s only 20 days!!

20 Day Mindset Devotional that will launch you in a healthy direction of learning how to love yourself again.

Let us know what ways you have learned how to love yourself again. Comment below!


Are you struggling to forgive yourself? Learning to love who you are can boost your mood and self-esteem. #selflove #selfcare #loveyourself

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