How to improve gut health naturally without breaking the bank.

You may have heard that your gut is your second brain…and that is true. Your gut is responsible for creating neurotransmitters including serotonin and has connections to your entire body.

If your gut is in bad shape, so is the rest of you. So many people have cleared their skin, gotten rid of autoimmune issues, improved thyroid function, and end the depression by cleaning up their gut health.

Let’s take a look at how to improve gut health naturally.

Learn to relax

Have you ever been nervous and felt your stomach tighten up? Or maybe you are someone who has diarrhea when they are stressed? Your gut is heavily connected to your emotions and learning to relax mentally will help your gut relax too.

What are some ways you can relax?

  • Turn on music and chill
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Watch funny videos
  • Talk to your friends
  • Treat yourself to some alone time
  • Make a list of things you’re thankful for

Learning to relax is just that, you have to learn how to do it.

Don’t get frustrated with yourself if you can’t relax the first time you try. I personally love to put on headphones and veg out to some of my favorite music. I let my mind wander and dance around positive thoughts that make me smile.

If you need help controlling those negative thoughts in your head, our Mindset Makeover Video series will walk you through how to worry less and have more joy.

Cut Out Chemicals

When you are constantly putting man-made chemicals in your delicate bowels, it can start to tear them apart. Chemicals can range from prescription drugs to processed foods. Knowing how to improve your gut health naturally means cutting chemicals.

NSAID’S are known to cause tearing away, bleeding and ulcers if taken on a regular bases. This breakdown of the gut lining leads to lower absorption of vitamins and minerals and food intolerances.

Chlorinated drinking water is hard on the gut and the chlorine “bleaches” out the good gut bacteria. If you don’t have a water filter, you are the filter. We love our Berkey water filter. 

Antibiotics, although sometimes necessary, destroy the good gut bacteria in your bowels and add in fungus leaving you susceptible to candida infection. 

Pesticides on vegetables and fruits are toxic once absorbed into the bloodstream. If you’re not going to buy organic produce, always wash your fruits and vegetables very well before eating. Pesticides and herbicides can absorb into some produce products so organic is always best.

Reduce Sugar

Eating sugar is very tasty but it is flat out horrible for your bowels. Sugar feeds bad fungus and gut bacteria causing it to overgrow and cause major problems.

When bad bacteria and candida overgrow they create a biofilm that is thick and hard to penetrate. Sugar consumption causes fungus and bacterial infections to take over quickly leaving you with a leaky gut.

The symptoms of leaky gut reach far and wide leading to autoimmune disease, migraines, food allergies, skin issues and a whole host of symptoms.

Sugar is extremely addicting so if you are cutting it out cold turkey expect some mood disturbances. You may find that gradually reducing sugar one item at a time is easier.

Choose an item each week that you will stop eating and decide what you are going to replace it with.

How to improve gut health naturally isn’t a piece of cake. Pun intended! Unfortunately, sugar has to go, you will get used to not eating sugar after your body adapts.

Cut Out High Carb Foods

Eating high carb foods is bad for the same reasons as sugar. It feeds candida and bad gut bacteria leading to infections. Gut infections tear up the lining of your gut leaving you with loose junctions for food particles and proteins to slip through into the bloodstream.

Knowing how to improve your gut health naturally means lowering your carb count in general by cutting grains that destroy the gut lining.

As a family, we try to stick to eating fruits, vegetables, and meats. Leaving out the grains was hard at first but we have all adjusted. We do eat jasmine rice occasionally because it has a slightly different fodmap than other rice.

How to improve gut health naturally isn’t hard, it just takes intentional changes. It takes 21 days to start a new habit before something feels like it is part of your life.

Don’t give up if something is hard at first or doesn’t feel natural. Your taste buds need time to adjust to new fruits and vegetables instead of sugar.

How to improve gut health naturally

By reducing chemicals, learning to control your negative thoughts and cutting sugar you will make a huge impact on your gut health.

Your gut is an enormous community of bacteria that grow in communities and it takes time to kill off or regrow the bacteria.

Changes don’t happen overnight but you should notice a difference in a few days of cutting sugar and carbs.

Leaky gut takes time to repair.

If your gut is in truly bad shape…Dr. Jockers has created a program called Digestive Health Restoration.

Conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, small bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and colitis are extremely common and can be hard to get under control.

There are 3 phases to the Digestive Health Restoration Program that will walk you through rebuilding the lining of your gut.

Dr. Jockers is so knowledgeable about SIBO, IBS, Crohn’s and Autoimmune Disease that I trust his programs to restore the worst gut health.

If you can heal your gut naturally you can restore your whole health.

Let us know what changes you have made to your gut health and how long it took you to notice.

How to improve your gut health naturally; let us know in the comments things you have tried and how it’s working for you.




Learn how to improve your gut health naturally without breaking the bank. Leaky gut, migraines, acne, bloating and skin issues are all symptoms of an unhealthy gut. Find out how to improve your gut health today. #guthealth #leakygut #migraines #acne #candida #sibo #gutinfections #healthtips

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