How to you create and keep momentum going in your life?

Sometimes in life, you don’t have anyone cheering you on. You don’t have a crowd of fans encouraging you to follow your dreams. You may find yourself stuck in a group of people who are complainers and constantly discouraging and finding reasons not to push forward in life.

What do you do when you are in the doldrums? In the hallway when all the doors seem to be closed?

How do you create momentum to move forward?

It’s ideal to live in a community of friends and family that throw gas on the fires of your heart and encourage you when your down. Healthy friends and family believe in you and will go out of their way to cheer you on. Healthy relationships create momentum on their own.

We all have found ourselves stuck in a life where we don’t have the motivation to move forward with an idea, a dream or something we desire to see. You may have a hundred good reasons why you should give up and not move forward but that doesn’t mean you should stop!

I had hundreds of reasons why I shouldn’t start this website but I didn’t let those reasons stop me because I have the heart to help people break out of fear and walk into freedom.

Being a stay at home mom with 4 kids, it’s easy to get stuck in the same routine. Laundry and dishes are always there, it’s easy to fall into a slump of doing the same thing every day. It’s not until I forced myself to wake up and start creating, that I saw any changes. Change brings momentum.

It’s time to create momentum in your life.

And keep momentum going.

Sometimes in life, you have to just pull yourself up and move forward, even when you are walking alone.

When life gets comfortable, consistent and ordinary you have to do something to wake it up. If you wake up and continue to wear your pj’s all day, are you really going to feel like taking a risk? Probably not. You have to force yourself to change your environment and create your own momentum. Here are a few ways to get you started.

Get dressed up every day. Sounds silly I know, but if you get out of bed and get dressed up…you are telling your mind that you have important things to do that day. Go ahead and do your hair or makeup. Prepare for something big. The physical change actually changes the mindset you would have had for that day into a new pattern. By getting dressed you keep momentum going.

You are more likely to keep your head up high, think bigger thoughts and venture out into the world. Staying in your sweatpants may sound comfy but it won’t bring any change to your life.

In order to create the momentum you have to think differently, and to think differently you have to physically make some changes. It’s too easy to get caught up in the same routine, which brings the same thought patterns and the same behavior.

You can’t expect change if you keep doing the same thing every day.

My next advice would be to have some self-respect and treat yourself better. You determine how others treat you by how you treat yourself. Cutting out the junk food in your life and choosing to eat healthy fruits and vegetables will not only clear your brain but also set a standard for your life.

You deserve to eat healthy foods. Your brain will fire better when you take care of yourself by eating healthy, getting proper sleep and sunshine compared to someone who eats fast food for every meal and slouches in front of the TV all day. When you raise the standard of how you treat yourself you also raise the standard of who you hang around with and new people equal new opportunities.

Try to create an upbeat environment. Add music to your day, music that makes you come alive inside. Hide people on social media who spend all their time complaining. You don’t have time for those thoughts in your day. Brainstorm ways you can cut out negativity from your life.

You would be surprised how much just cleaning up the negativity from your news feeds can help. Evaluate your life and see what you can do to liven it up.

Try decluttering your house, keeping your environment clean and fresh will help your mindset declutter as well.

Try something new! You have no idea how many people I see complain their life is stale and boring yet they never do anything new. It’s important to never stop learning, stretch yourself and try new experiences. Why not sign up for a class in your local community. Go to an event you have been eyeing or thought was interesting.

Make a list of places you want to visit and then actually visit them! Making physical changes can really perk things up and open your eyes to what is available to you. You may even find a new friend that shares the same dream or vision that you do. People equal opportunities.

Your life can’t change if you never change. You have complete control over your life so if you look around and don’t like what you see…it’s time to make some changes. Changes keep the momentum going.

If you need help getting out of a rut or your just feeling stuck, I created the Love Yourself Healthy Devotional to walk you out of a mindset of lies into a place of truth and opportunity. You can’t prosper in life if you hate yourself. Change comes from the inside out. Your mindset really matters it’s how you create momentum.

You have to know that there are more possibilities waiting for you. You have to believe there are greater things in store for your life. Don’t settle for the lie that your future is dark. The best is yet to come!

If that doesn’t feel true to you, please check out Love Yourself Healthy and let me help you get those lies out of your head. Life is too short to assume your future isn’t going to be better than your now. You can start creating momentum today and turn things around.

Create momentum today and keep momentum going.

Let us know what you do to keep momentum going in your life.

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