Being successful in life can be measured in many different ways.

Some say success is measured in money, some say it is measured in kindness and family.

Success is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

So how do we get from point A to point B?

How to be successful?

Success comes by setting yourself up for it. Let me explain…

You have to be aware of what you want to begin with. What does your heart desire? What do you daydream about doing? You have to have a clear picture of the end goal. Creating a vision board is a great way to put your goals in front of your face in a tangible way. Maybe you want to tone your body or lose 20lbs.

Creating a motivational board with pictures and goals is a great start. You have to want the end result more than you like your current situation. Can you see a reality than you want more than your now reality?

Being successful in life is not something you work on one time and quit. Being successful at anything requires persistence and focus. Setting your eyes on the goal and not letting life distract you. Trust me there are plenty of things in life that are begging for your attention but you have to choose where your attention goes.

You only have so much time in a day. How are you going to spend the time you have been given?

I have a hundred fun things that I could be signing up for and joining but I have to keep my goals in mind too. Yes, I have fun, Yes I participate in life but I have limited energy and I have to keep that in mind and leave energy for the things that will improve my life. I love having dessert and indulging in treats but making a habit out of eating junk food won’t help me get any closer to my goals.

The most important point of being successful in life is to learn how to love yourself.

Sometimes in life, well most of the time, you are your biggest fan. You have to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. You have to give yourself pep talks and you have to create your own motivation. No one is going to do that for you. Yes, it’s great to surround yourself with encouraging people who will cheer you on…but that doesn’t replace the love you have for yourself. Being successful in life is determined by how much you love yourself. 

When you love who you are you take time to eat healthily. You take time to exercise and you find ways to reduce your stress. You notice when people mistreat you and abuse you. You hold yourself up to a higher standard when you love who you are. I have never seen a successful person who doesn’t understand their own value. If you want to bring value to others you have to know your own.

You can’t give love away if you don’t have any for yourself. Believing in yourself is what gives you the motivation to keep moving forward. You know you deserve a better life than the one you currently have. That is what keeps you going! That’s why you make healthy food choices and create healthy boundaries with people.

So what do you do if you don’t love who you are?

I run into this a lot, I talk to people about what to eat and how to take care of their bodies but I constantly watch them fall off the wagon and give up. I have shifted my focus toward mindsets and less on what to eat. I’m now watching people learn how to love themselves into better health. 

I created Love Yourself Healthy because I see that people who love themselves become successful at whatever they put their mind to, including losing weight and improving their health.

I have watched people learn to love who they are and come alive, they begin to use their gifts and talents to help others and they gain more energy at the same time. They are living from a place of joy instead of survival.

You can begin your journey to loving who you are today. Tomorrow is a new day waiting to be explored. 



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