I’m excited to bring you home remedies for good sleep by our guest author Sarah from The Sleep Advisor. She specializes in healthy sleep tips and sleep product reviews.

If you’re not sleeping, try these home remedies for good sleep.

Home Remedies for Good Sleep

Sleep, remember that? As far as I can recall it was that lovely life-enhancing thing will all used to do at night before we became addicted to smartphones and Netflix.

When I talk to my girlfriends one thing seems constant, nobody is getting any sleep anymore. Some simply can’t drop off, others wake frequently throughout the night. Everybody seems to have some little quirk that is getting between them and their dose of vitamin Zzzz.

It seems it’s not just my group of friends, far from it in fact. In 2014 the Centre for Disease Control declared the prevalence of sleep disorders to be so widespread as to constitute a genuine public health epidemic. Blimey!

We, of course, need sleep in order to function. The less we get the worse our physical and mental health. Our work suffers, our relationships are damaged and even our looks are affected. Eek!

So it should come as no surprise that more and more people are turning to pharmaceuticals for help. Sleeping pills have a time and place but sedation is no substitute for genuine sleep. Plus those small white tablets can get a little addictive, and no one wants that.

Don’t despair, however, put the pills down and read on below. I’m going to let you in on three natural home remedies that have worked for me and will hopefully work for you.

Lavender Oil

A lot of folks, even those that know very little about essential oils, seem to be quite aware of the calming qualities of lavender oil. Researchers are now starting to corroborate what traditional medicine practitioners have known for countless generations.

While people may be aware of lavender they may be less familiar with the many different ways it’s possible to use the plant. Many of course use it in oil form, placing a drop or two on their pillow at night to instill an overwhelming sense of calm and tranquility. Others use a diffuser to fill their bedroom with a cloud of the pleasant scent.

Some will boil the kettle and have a nice relaxing cup of lavender tea before bed. It can also be burnt as incense or a drop or two can be added to bathwater.

What regular lavender users will warn you about is that the scent is powerful. All it takes is a drop or two at best to be effective. Anything more and the aroma can be quite overpowering. Don’t go crazy now, the aim is to get to sleep, not to smell like your Granny’s garden.

Golden milk

Golden milk eh! Sounds like it’s going to be expensive right? Well, no actually. Golden milk is the name of natural home remedy consumed by millions nightly over on the Indian subcontinent.

It’s incredibly easy to make and unbelievably sleep-inducing. Start with that good old American classic, a cup of warm milk. Add to this a heaped teaspoon of turmeric and then season to taste with nutmeg, cinnamon or ginger. The concoction is not only delicious and good for your sleep, it’s also jammed full of nutrients and antioxidants which give your immune system a boost.

The active ingredient and the thing that gives the drink both it’s color and name is turmeric. This golden colored spice has been a firm favorite of ayurvedic medicine for millennia.

Thankfully health practitioners in the west are finally starting to unclench their minds a little and open up to the benefits of remedies such as this. Where have you been lads? Not sleeping I’ll bet.

A hot bath

Oprah swears by the power of a hot bath and if it’s good enough for O, then it’s good enough for you and I. If you’re not an Oprah fan then don’t worry, science also suggests that a hot bath before bed is the ideal way to get your body and mind ready for sleep.

You might think that the reason a hot bath works is that it makes you nice and toasty, the opposite is, in fact, the case. You see, in order to induce sleep the human body needs to cool a little. Outside of taking an ice bath, a hot bath is the most pleasant way to do this. I know that sound counterintuitive but bear with me.

When you take a hot bath you experience vasodilation, this is when the blood rushes close to the surface of your skin. Hence the rosy cheeks. Now when you step out of the warm water you experience a massive thermal dump as heat is transferred from your skin to the air around you. Your core temperature plummets. It’s this that puts you in the perfect mood for sleep.

Well, there you have it sleep fans. Keep the lid on that bottle of sleeping pills and give my three natural home remedies a go first. What do you have to lose? A little sleep.

Home remedies for good sleep


Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m addicted to sleep. If I don’t get my eight hours a night I’m a wreck the next day. I actually love sleep so much that I turned it into my day job. Alongside my colleagues, I run a blog called The Sleep Advisor | Healthy Sleep Tips, News and Product Reviews. Every day we research and write about all things sleep-related. Our aim is to get help to the world to sleep just a little better.

Let us know what home remedies for good sleep you guys love in the comments below.


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