How to stop belly bloating and fit into your skinny jeans again!

Belly bloating used to be an embarrassing problem for me until I learned about making my own probiotics.

It might sound crazy but my belly used to be bloated by evening every day! How embarrassing…I was tired of looking pregnant when I wasn’t. 

On top of bloating, I suffered from acne, brain fog, and migraines. It didn’t matter what I ate…It blew my stomach up like a balloon. 

Are you suffering from belly bloating too? 


You might have seen or heard of people selling expensive bottles of probiotics and wondered if it would help.

One of the main reasons for bloated bellies is bad gut bacteria. Those bacteria will eat almost anything you eat and they multiply like crazy creating gas and bloating.

By introducing healthy bacteria into your gut, you will start digesting your food properly and start eliminating the bloat.

What if I told you, you didn’t have to buy those expensive bottles but could make your own high-quality probiotics right on your counter! 

“You’ve helped my stomach a ton with your written out plan! It is awesome!!!! I Iove everything inside of it! I’ve been taking my baths too (which I normally do) but doing the dry brush thing before it and also adding in baking soda which I never did. It makes me more relaxed.”

Holly Green

The Gut Rebuilding Plan guides you into creating high-quality probiotics right on your counter so you can fit into your clothes again!


Easy Recipes

Start with simple recipes full of probiotics

DIY Probiotics

Learn to create your own probiotics

Tips for Detox and Stress Relief

Learn how stress can cause gut inflammation

The Gut Rebuilding Plan

The Gut Rebuilding Plan works to repair leaky gut and gets to the root of your health problems. You can create probiotics right on your countertop for your whole family. Almost 80% of your Immune System is in your gut. It’s time to build up the Good Bacteria and give your health a solid foundation.

If you change your gut health…you change your whole life.

Your family and friends need you to feel amazing!

The world needs you to come alive.

What are you waiting for?