You need to know how to fix leaky gut syndrome.

Your happiness depends on it.

Leaky gut seems to be trending lately but millions of Americans are still suffering from the effects of gut issues. If you are suffering, it’s time to learn how to fix leaky gut and gain your life back.

I’ve spent probably hundreds of hours googling symptoms and researching all my problems. I had acne, migraines, brain fog, memory loss, depression, anxiety, high histamine levels an on and on.

What I didn’t understand was…I could solve all of those problems by focusing on my gut.

My gut was leaking and it was triggering inflammation and autoimmune problems in my body.

No wonder I felt I was allergic to everything.

“Leaky gut is classified by a malfunction in the intestinal tight junctions in the digestive tract, allowing larger-than-usual particles to pass from the digestive system into the bloodstream.” -Dr. Josh Axe

What are the Symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome?

  • Autoimmune problems
  • Migraines
  • Allergies
  • Bloating/gas
  • Brain fog
  • Memory loss
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Food allergies
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Thyroid issues
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Oxalate issues
  • Candida
  • Fatigue

Most people think that symptoms of leaky gut would include digestive issues, and it can, but most issues not related to gut pain such as the list above.

Maybe you are overweight because your thyroid is horribly slow?

When the gut is leaking, food particles can get into the bloodstream and some of those food particles look similar to your thyroid hormones.

Your body will attack the particles in the bloodstream and when that doesn’t work your body will start attacking the thyroid itself.

With leaky gut, your immune system is always in high gear, attacking your own body and causing odd allergies which is why you need to know how to fix leaky gut syndrome.

Causes of Leaky Gut

The beautiful thing about our bodies is it always tries to repair and fix itself. All we need to do is provide the materials and keep the inflammation out.

Here are some of the main causes of leaky gut syndrome as well as leaky gut treatment.


One of the main causes of leaky gut is an infection. In order to fix leaky gut, you have to take care of candida and bacterial gut infections.

Candida love to burrow deep into the gut lining and leave openings for food particles to get through. 

Bad bacteria infections and candida multiply quickly and can destroy your gut lining.

If you are going to know how to fix leaky gut you need to kill the bad bacteria and candida that are growing. This is one of the main reasons your gut is leaking!

Processed Foods

Damaging foods are another cause of leaky gut syndrome.

Consuming processed foods filled with chemicals was never something your body was meant to digest. You can only eat so many fast food meals before it takes a toll on your bowels.

Fast food and processed food is filled with sugar which just feeds those bad gut bugs and causes infection. Eating food that isn’t actually food will tear up your gut.

It’s a good idea to stick with foods that have less than 4 ingredients on the label or food that “is” the ingredient…like apples.

Pain Medication

Taking pain medication is a sure fire way to destroy the lining of your gut.

Those meds tear away at the delicate lining and can allow ulcers to set in.

Regular use of even ibuprofen can destroy your gut lining.

If you are in chronic pain, try cutting out processed foods to lower inflammation.

You can also use essential oils to help manage pain.

Remember pain is a red flag something is wrong and your body is trying to tell you.

Try to find out the root cause or source of the pain instead of covering it up.


Being stressed out is very hard on your gut.

Just think of the last time you were very nervous. Did you feel it in your stomach?

Stress can cause diarrhea and vomiting, it creates chemicals that are very hard on your digestive system.

Your gut is directly related to your mind and what you think about. Anything you perceive as stress affects the gut and causes stress in the bowels.

Your thoughts create chemicals in your brain that directly impact your health.


Your gut lining is delicate and alcohol can increase the permeability of the lining. Alcoholics or in this study people who drank 4 days in a row have higher rates of leaky gut than people who don’t drink.

Alcohol also feeds bad candida in the gut which leads to candida infections.

Circadian Rhythm

Your body was meant to run with the sun and get sunlight on your skin every day. Waking up with the sun and going to sleep when the sun goes down helps your circadian rhythm which regulates hormones.

When you use bright screens such as a cell phone at night, it can disrupt your hormones and lead to increased intestinal permeability.

Getting the proper light inside your eyes plays a huge role in hormone production. People who work at night have higher rates of leaky gut and diabetes. (study)

How to fix Leaky Gut

I spent years chasing my tail and searching the internet for the perfect recipes and the right lifestyle plan to restore my gut. Honestly, it was exhausting.

Do you scour the web looking for leaky gut articles and recipes? 

How many pins on Pinterest do you save but never go back and look at?

You need a solid well thought out plan to restore your gut and it doesn’t come from randomly pinning recipes.

You have to be intentional and serious about feeling better or the bad bacteria just keeps growing and your gut keeps leaking.

Learning how to fix leaky gut is the answer to a healthy future.

You have to be armed with information to outsmart the candida and bad bacteria.

I’m sorry but taking a few probiotics isn’t going to cut it.

Your body needs to repair and you need a plan. 

Step 1: Remove the Triggers 

There are foods that are eating holes in your gut. Certain medications can burn right through your intestinal lining leaving small holes for food and bacteria to enter. How to fix leaky gut depends on what triggers you remove that are tearing up your gut. You must identify the triggers and cut them out

Step 2:  Rebuild the Gut  

Rebuilding your but involves the right foods but also lifestyle changes and the right supplements. You can’t rebuild your gut with only one of those. You need food, lifestyle changes, and supplements to succeed.

Step 3:  Fix the Root Cause  

There is normally more going on behind the scenes like hormone issues and detoxification issues. Those need to be addressed for your health to thrive.

Gut infections are often at the root of a leaky gut.

If you don’t start now, you will have major regrets next month when you’re still feeling bad.

If you feel bogged down, stuck in survival mode, or are just tired of digestive issues… Or if you experience debilitating fatigue, constipation, or diarrhea…

Dr. Jockers has created the Digestive Health Restoration Program to seal up your gut lining.

It’s going to give you practical steps to cleaning up your food and taking control of your stress.

The program contains 3 phases, daily instructional steps and recipes galore to make sure your gut gets restored.

You won’t regret arming yourself with knowledge and a plan.

Maybe you are ready to go ahead and fix leaky gut head on? 

Don’t do it alone and don’t think your gut will fix it’s self if you ignore it.

Let Dr. Jockers figure out all the hard work for you.

I would never attempt to fix my gut on my own. This program contains leaky gut recipes and treatments for healing.

Check out the Digestive Health Restoration Program on how to fix leaky gut.

You don’t want to wake up next year with a major autoimmune disease, take action now.

Comment below How to fix leaky gut and let us know the things you have tried.


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