Are you struggling with acne and wrinkles?

It just doesn’t seem right, shouldn’t we at least trade the teenage acne in for dry wrinkled skin? I don’t want either but having both just seems cruel.

As a teenager, I struggled with horrible acne. I assumed when adulthood came, it would be time for the pimples to depart. Except they stayed.

My journey with acne was a long one and I can tell you I have tried everything to get those cysts like pimples to go away. Everything! Every over the counter astringent, cream and mask. I was on several prescriptions for acne as well but nothing gave me the skin I was looking for.

Once I entered my 30’s it was evident I needed to clean up my gut health. When I addressed my gut issues it did clear my face a lot. I would venture to say 70% of my acne was gone. If you want information on gut health I have a freebie booklet here.

I did still deal with breakouts and oily skin…but also the wrinkles started to appear. Fine lines began to creep in around my eyes and forehead. So now not only did I have pimples but wrinkles too.

My old plan of drying my face out to get rid of acne wasn’t going to work any longer. A dry face now meant an aging face. If I kept drying out my skin what would I look like in another 10 years? I didn’t want to find out.

I began doing some heavy research on natural skin treatments for acne and wrinkles. Sure there are expensive 100$ creams with another 100 ingredients I can’t pronounce but that wasn’t good enough for me. I don’t eat foods with ingredients¬†I can’t pronounce so I’m not going to slather my face with those mystery ingredients either.¬†

In my research, I kept coming across a few choice oils that claimed they would fight acne. If you have ever dealt with acne, rubbing oil on your face is a terrifying experience. Just the thought of slathering oil on my already oily face seemed like a death wish. The links below are the exact products I use on my face and are affiliate links that help provide for this website.

Enter “Miracle Oil”

The indigenous people of the South Pacific call Tamanu Oil the “magic miracle oil” and now I see why. This oil contains strong anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to generate new tissue growth. This is referred to as cicatrization and is wonderful for anyone with acne and scarring. Those old dark spots where a pimple used to be are gone in a day or 2 now, instead of weeks.

Tamanu Oil has antibacterial properties to stop future breakouts and it has a comedogenic rating of 2, which is very low, meaning it will not clog your pores. My personal favorite benefit of this oil is its ability to balance your skin’s PH. It takes oily skin or dry skin and balances the oil so you’re not over producing or under producing.

The fatty acids in this oil moisturize your skin and greatly reduce wrinkles yet clear away any acne. The oil absorbs very quickly, it is thick and slightly sticky. It almost disappears before I can rub it all in my face, leaving your skin soft, not oily.

Tamanu Oil really did solve my problem of Acne and Wrinkles.

I want to highlight a few other oils quickly for people who may want to add another oil with their tamanu oil.

Rosehip Seed Oil would be a good oil to add if your skin was already on the dry side. This oil will provide a little more moisture and has one of the only natural sources of retinal to help fight those wrinkles. My skin is oily so I only use this oil by my eyes.

Argan Oil is another great oil that will not clog pores and helps to balance the skin’s PH. This oil absorbs quickly, fights wrinkles and helps reduce overproduction of oil.

I personally only use Tamanu oil on my entire face but use the other oils, Argan and Rosehip Seed around my eyes. I have very oily skin so anyone with drier skin might love a little extra moisture from the Argan and Rosehip Seed oils.

I have seen a dramatic difference from using the oils on my skin. Yes at first it was frightening rubbing oil on my already oily skin but I’m sure glad I did anyway. My overall skin tone is much evener. No red blotches from old acne. No more pimples. No greasy skin. I am left with clear soft skin and reduced wrinkles around my eyes.

If you’re struggling with acne and wrinkles I would love to hear how these oils are working for you.

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