DIY plant remedies may be more effective than what you can get at the pharmacy.

Are you tired of giving your family over the counter medicine and praying against the long list of side effects? Yeah…me too! After starting to use plant remedies for our family I had confidence that we were using a more effective solution.

Did you know Tylenol can be dangerous for small children and toxic to your liver? 

One of the country’s most popular over-the-counter painkillers — acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol — also kills the most people, according to data from the federal government. Over 150 Americans die each year on average after accidentally taking too much. And it requires a lot less to endanger you than you may know.” Sarah Erush

Did you know over the counter ibuprofen can cause stomach ulcers and heart problems?

A British Medical Journal finds that taking NSAIDs can increase the risk of heart failure by 19%. More than half of all digestive bleeding comes from over the counter ibuprofen.

These over the counter meds don’t actually fix anything anyway…it’s just a band-aid effect.

DIY Plant Remedies to the Rescue

As a child, I was always fascinated with the Amazon rainforest. It broke my little heart to see parts of it being torn down because I was so sure that all the cures for diseases we needed were in the rainforest.

Little did I know that a lot of modern medicine was adopted from those plant remedies but unfortunately harmful chemicals were added and prescriptions came in full force.

I am not against prescriptions when necessary, I believe they save lives. I do however love the power of plants and think it unlocks a whole new way to treat the body. This article contains affiliate links which provide a small fee to us at no cost to you. 

You know I am passionate about herbs and essential oils, and today I want to tell you why…

I have effectively used DIY plant remedies to solve:

  • SIBO
  • Candida 
  • Clear Acne
  • Get rid of warts
  • Treat Poison Ivy
  • Shrink kidney stones
  • Detox the Liver
  • Make non-toxic home cleaners
  • Natural painkillers
  • Headaches
  • DIY herbal sprays/salves
  • DIY skincare and beauty products

I can’t tell you how much money we have saved over the years by having something on hand for the kid’s injuries, DIY shampoos, face cleaners or just safe cleaning products.

Ordering these special shampoos and cleaning products is crazy expensive when you can just make your own. Plus making your own is more fun and a great project for kids.

I’ve been the mom running to Walgreens in the middle of the night when my child is in pain or hurting because I was not prepared.

Now I really take pride in having what I need on hand as a mom to meet any situation.

Creating a holistic medicine cabinet for your family saves you the trouble of expensive medical bills and by choosing plant remedies you are using smart safe recipes.

Summertime can come with burns, rashes, and scrapes.

Winter bombards us with colds and cases of flu.

I have peace that my house is not only stocked with herbs and essential oils but I have the knowledge to know how to create recipes, salves, compresses, tinctures and infusions that are backed by science to help my family.

It’s important when using herbs and essential oils to know what you are doing.

In the past, I have burnt myself with oregano oil, created headaches with the wrong herbs and created histamine reactions with the wrong plants. (Don’t do what I did.)

I understand life as a mom is so busy and overwhelming already and you don’t have time to go to herbal school.

You don’t even need to because the Herbs & Essentials oils Super bundle makes it all available right on your phone or computer.

I found that this DIY plant remedies Bundle gave me the knowledge and power to make trusted recipes that my family needed.

I felt confident as a mom that I was bringing my family the latest information on herbs and essential oils.

This bundle was created by experts — aromatherapists, herbalists, a chiropractor, a registered nurse, a nutritional therapy practitioner, and more.

That’s why I’m so excited about the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle.

It offers effective DIY plant remedies together with solid health information, created by experts you can trust, to give you the confidence you need to keep you and your family healthy.

Inside you’ll find dozens of eBooks and eCourses about herbs, essential oils, and natural remedies.

I can quickly find a recipe, salve, spray or whatever treatment I need and know it’s backed by science.

No more guessing about how to use herbs and oils.

Inside the bundle, you’ll learn how to use them for relaxation and body care, how to grow or forage for ingredients, how to make safe cleaning or beauty products, and how to respond to common ailments you or your family suffer from.

We are talking 444 DIY plant remedies recipes and 184 Printables as well as ebooks and ecourses.

It’s perfect for any homestead or mom who wants to be prepared for anything. (There are also DIY beauty products for yourself.)

This Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle is a game changer.

  • When you are hurting, you’ll where to turn for a natural solution.
  • Which plant remedies work and WHY (based on research and science).
  • Herbs and essential oils to relax and de-stress.
  • You’ll know which remedies are SAFE for your kids, your pets, and yourself.
  • Save money by growing or foraging for fresh ingredients.
  • You’ll stop relying on doctors so much.
  • You can finally take your health into your own hands.

plant remedies

DIY Plant Remedies, Herbs, Foraging, Cleaning Products, Essential Oils Guides, Cooking, Beauty Products…it’s all in one bundle.

I’m so thankful this Herbs & Essential Oils Bundle is made available to us at a discounted price.

I no longer have to try and scrounge information from random articles not even knowing if the recipes are doctor approved.

If you added up the prices of each product in the bundle, you’d get $567.

That’s how much it would cost to buy them all individually. (As you just saw, some of the products normally cost even more than the entire bundle!)

But you can get ALL 34 eBooks and eCourses for only $47 inside the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle.

Ultimate Bundles stands behind this curated collection 100% with a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee.

Plus, their friendly customer service team is always standing by to give you a hand when you need it!

Get your bundle before it’s gone! Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle

Not only will this bundle help you save time and money on herbal remedies, but it can also help you avoid lengthy (and pricey) doctors’ visits, expensive medications, drawn-out illnesses or uncomfortable symptoms, and the hassles that come with all of these things.

Protect your family’s health the smart, natural way — with the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle.

plant remedies





Do you want to add essential oils and herbs to your home medicine cabinet? Learn how you can start making your own home remedies and DIY recipes for your family.

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