After taking Create and Go blogging courses I felt compelled to write CreateandGo reviews.

When I first started blogging, I felt like I was drowning in a sea of material that was over my head.

I couldn’t wrap my mind around keywords, email funnels or how to even monetize my blog.

It felt like I had ventured off to learn another language. I had a passion for health and wanted my blog to be a platform that I could use to help people.

Yet I couldn’t figure out how to blog, let alone make money doing it.

I was wasting my time getting lost in unimportant youtube videos because I simply didn’t know how to spend my time.

Enter CreateandGo

Alex and Lauren the inventors of Create and Go who monetized their health blog, took exactly what they did to succeed and made step by step videos.

They are making roughly 100,000 a month with their blogs and now they are giving us the formula.

I knew I had to have the courses in order to succeed and I was right.

CreateandGo reviews, Alex and Lauren use real language to explain every aspect of blogging from setting up the blog to traffic to actually making money.

Not only do they tell you exactly what to do, they tell you what NOT to do. I needed to know what not to do so I didn’t make the same mistakes they did.

They help people skip over making some of the same mistakes they did. 

My favorite part of Create and Go courses?

The templates…they give you templates so you are not starting at a blank page. I really needed the email templates. I had no idea how to create an email series on my own. You simply use the template and enter your own information.

They are giving you a proven system that already works, you just add your own information.

I literally didn’t start making money until I implemented the steps…be thankful for CreateandGo reviews. This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you…thanks in advance. 

createandgo reviews

Without the courses from CreateandGo, I would still be scrounging around youtube trying to piece together some random information.

CreateandGo Reviews -Blogging Courses

Launch Your Blog

This course teaches you to build and launch your WordPress site in less than 1 month with no coding required.

Inside the Course:

  • Understanding WordPress
  • Using Plugins
  • Creating menus and widgets
  • Picking a Theme
  • Blog design and structure
  • Using images properly
  • How to construct a blog post
  • Finding Keywords
  • Setting up Social Media

That’s a small overview of all that’s included in Launch Your Blog. It’s loaded with exactly how to set yourself up for success.

As you can see all these things are vital for starting a blog. I wish I had this course from the get-go when I started my blog but it’s perfect for making sure I didn’t miss any steps.

This course is perfect for anyone who is brand new to blogging and needs step by step help with WordPress and constructing a proper blog post. Check out Launch Your Blog

Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Learn how to earn 1000$ a month using free traffic and affiliate marketing.

Inside the course:

  • Getting started with ads
  • Getting sponsored posts
  • How to use affiliate marketing
  • Setting up email marketing
  • Getting free traffic
  • Understanding Pinterest
  • Using Youtube
  • SEO basics

As you can see, they know exactly how to get your blog to the point of making $1000/month. This course is perfect for anyone who has their blog set up and wants to take it to the next level.

My CreateandGo reviews for this course, they really hit home on how to monetize. It’s assumed you already know basics of WordPress. Check out Make Money Blogging for Beginners if your not making money yet.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Drive 10,000 to 100,000 free visitors to your blog using Pinterest – on autopilot.

Inside the Course:

  • Viral Pin Checklist
  • Pin Schedule Planner
  • Follower tracker Spreadsheet
  • Using hashtags
  • Pinterest Best Practices
  • Pinterest SEO
  • How to create Viral Pins
  • Avoid Pinterest Jail
  • Tailwind tribes and Boardbooster
  • Power of Group Boards

I can’t express how vital this course is if you want to get traffic to your site. You must understand how to use Pinterest and how to use it properly.

You can spend so much time creating the right blog posts and email funnels but if you don’t have visitors, it’s pointless.

This course will tell you exactly how to get free traffic to your site every day. It actually works if you follow the step by step instructions.

Your blog is useless without traffic. Check out Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Six-Figure Blogger

A formula for making Six figures from your blog without being scammy.

Inside the course:

  • Mastering affiliate marketing
  • Creating digital products
  • How to Create an ebook
  • How to Create an ecourse
  • Create a high converting sales page
  • Getting Traffic
  • Email Marketing
  • Creating a trust funnel

This course really refines what you already have going on your site. It helps you think up an idea for an ebook and gives you steps to creating it, then it tells you exactly what to do to sell it.

It explains in detail how to make sales pages that convert and actually gives you templates for the email marketing and sales funnels. This is priceless if you freeze when you stare at a blank white page.

If you have a blog that is making some money but you are ready to take it to the next level, check out Six Figure Blogger and get ready to make some serious money.

Pro Blogger Bundle

This bundle is a discount for 4 of their most successful courses:

  • How to Build and Launch Your Blog
  • How to drive traffic to your blog and monetize with affiliate links
  • How to drive serious traffic with Pinterest
  • How to earn Six Figures using digital products

It’s a great way to cover all your bases and make sure you are not missing a step in your blog. Their proven step by step videos will get you to success if you implement the steps.

I still recommend this course if you have your blog set up and are making a little money because even I have found myself going back and looking to make sure I cover my basics. Missing little things like tweaking your SEO in a blog post can make the difference between making some money and making a lot of money.

Get Pro Blogger Bundle and stop wasting your time and chasing your tail like I did in the beginning.

createandgo reviews

Let me know what is keeping you back from moving forward with your blog. Do you need more details about my CreateandGo Reviews?

How have the CreateandGo reviews helped you and what questions do you still have?