You can be successful in changing what you eat.

Making changes in what you eat can seem overwhelming. I remember years ago, after several ER visits, I decided I needed to make some changes in what I ate but it literally seemed impossible.

Everywhere I looked, all I saw were things I couldn’t eat. I was so blinded by my addiction to junk food, sugar, gluten and dairy I was unable to see what delicious foods were available to me.

Being at my wit’s end and not able to properly care for my children, I knew big changes were ahead. Looking back I can see I have learned a lot and would do many things differently. Since I can’t turn back time, I will share my wisdom with you.

Set your self up for success! Don’t start changing the way you eat 2 days before Christmas or right before vacation. Pick a time when your schedule is fairly clear. We always have things to do and places to go but try to avoid any major events the first week.

There are tons of healthy meal plans out there to choose from so instead of just randomly throwing some veggies in your shopping cart…have a few days or a week of meals wrote out of what you will make. Write down what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What ingredients do you need to make these meals? Be prepared!

When we are prepared chances of stopping at fast food are way lower. Trust me I know, evening comes fast and it’s so easy to run through a fast food place to feed everyone. Being prepared stops this process because you know you have food at home…maybe in the crockpot! I have found the first week if you lock your purse in the trunk of your car you will be less likely to stop and get food. 

Start with fruits and vegetables you are already familiar with and maybe add a few new ones every week. There’s no need to buy tons of items you have no idea what to do with. Keep it simple. Most evenings we roast a meat and have a veggie as a side. Start with some stuff you know you like first and you can always branch off and try new things later.

Eating different can be a huge shock to the body, especially if you are eliminating sugar or gluten. Both of those ingredients can be very addictive and its normal to have some withdrawal like headaches, mood changes, fatigue, and body ache. These symptoms don’t normally last longer than the first few days. Your body will adjust to the changes and thank you.

If you’re really struggling you could try eating a banana because they contain dopamine which is a “reward” chemical that will improve your mood.

Coffee and dark chocolate can also positively affect neurotransmitters and are great choices for boosting mood. Just try to avoid sugar in your coffee and chocolate choices.

If you are visiting your friends and family members during your new food changes or even before you start it, it is better to share your plans with them. They will likely point out all the positive aspects that come with eating healthy and you will feel more motivated to achieve your goal. It will also ensure that you are not forced by your family or friends to eat something that goes against your new meal plans. They will make sure that they respect your decision and help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Everyone has a bad day now and then. If you completely screw up and eat cake at work or order a pizza one evening don’t beat yourself up. The first week is the hardest and it will get easier. Pick yourself back up and start again. You can start again as many times as you want! Don’t give up on treating your body with respect because you made one bad choice.

Keeping a journal of what you’re eating and how you feel after you eat is a smart way to stay on track. If you notice any patterns such as rapid heartbeat, stuffy nose, bloating or mood swings after eating certain foods you may have a food allergy. A journal is a great way to learn to listen to your body.

Adding probiotics to your meals is always a great idea with the Gut Rebuilding Plan.  

Every day is a new day to make healthy choices for your future.



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