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Reset Circadian Rhythm and Your Health

reset circadian rhythm

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Can you reset circadian rhythm and answer your health problems?

The environment you choose to live in affects your brain and your weight.

Researchers put mice through 10 weeks in 20-hour light-dark cycles, instead of their natural 24-hour circadian rhythm cycle. After six weeks, the mice got fatter, showed less mental flexibility and were more impulsive. -Dr. Mercola

Every day your surroundings are sending signals to turn hormones on and off inside your head.

Our hormones are based on the earth’s cycle and respond to the rhythm of the day accordingly.

You are meant to wake with the sun (or as close to sunrise as possible) as your cortisol is highest at that time and as the day goes on your cortisol lowers and your body prepares for rest. This is how our bodies are meant to function. Links in this article are affiliate links and help provide for this website.

Circadian Disruption leads to insulin resistance and obesity – Carl Hirschie Johnson

It is well documented that working the night shift can contribute to insulin resistance and obesity.

No one is a night owl by nature. If you feel that you function best at night? It’s time to reset circadian rhythm.

You are more likely to experience hormonal dysregulation you need to shift back into the natural rhythm for better health and better sleep.

There are steps you can take to reset circadian rhythm.

  • Try to wake with the sun. Keep window blinds open so you can see the sunrise or if street lights shine in you can get a sleep/rise alarm clock that mimics the sunrise.


  • Getting early morning sun on your skin and in your eyes is important to wake up the brain. Find a place to get outside during or right after sunrise and get your bare feet on the earth and some morning sun in your eyes.


  • Start your day with a big breakfast including lots of protein shortly after you wake.


  • Try your best to get daytime sunlight in your eyes and on your skin. The goal is not to get burned but expose your skin to the sun so you can make vitamin D and a whole host of other crucial hormones.


  • No one would plant a garden and throw a tarp over it, your body just like a plant, needs the sun to create hormones, energy, regulate appetite and control mood.


  • As the day winds down, the lights in your house need to mimic the sun. Getting ambient or red light bulbs for evening help the brain switch over from day to evening. Make note of devices with blue light such as cell phones, computers, and TVs. The blue light in these devices tell your brain its noon and are not balanced with other light colors. If it’s actually evening and you’re staring at your phone, you are making the wrong brain chemicals.


  • You can install the f.lux app on your devices to help lower the blue light emission. If you NEED to be on a device late at night it’s best to wear blue block glasses to keep your brain on the right schedule.


  • Try to turn off all electronics by 8 or 9 pm.  If you have a wifi router you can switch it off while you sleep and simply turn it back on in the morning.


  • When you sleep your room needs to be completely dark. If you can’t achieve that total darkness, wearing a sleep mask is the best choice.


  • Think about what the sun is doing outside and try to mimic that environment the best you can.


  • Consider switching out LED lights in your home with incandescent light bulbs which offer a closer full spectrum light. LED lights are primarily blue light, which in excess damages the photoreceptors in the eye and disrupts hormone panels. For evening use, ambient light bulbs or red light bulbs that mimic sunset are a better choice.

reset circadian rhythm

Your body is designed to adapt to the environment you place it in. If you place yourself in a blue light environment full of wifi signals and devoid of sunlight, your body will continue to create the wrong hormone panel.

If you really want to dive into correcting your circadian rhythm, go camping! Hang up those cell phones and laptops and get back with nature. I recently got back from a camping trip and feel like a million bucks.

Maybe camping isn’t for you? Find a way to get your bare feet on the earth every day and get sun on your skin. When the sun goes down, put down your screens and devices. That blue light really does confuse the brain making it think its noon and producing the wrong hormones.

You need to connect with the frequency of the Earth (Schumann resonance) and all the light waves of the sun to be fully you. Reset circadian rhythm and watch your body restore it’self.





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