Have you tried Chanca Piedra for kidney stones?

It’s hard to find good information on kidney stones other than drink lots of water.

There are thousands of people drinking tons of water that get kidney stones and thousands of more people who never drink water that doesn’t have stones. How frustrating I know.

A kidney stone is a hard crystal mineral material that is formed in the kidney or urinary tract. These tiny stones can cause enormous pain and suffering.

They can even be life-threatening if they block off your flow of urine.

Symptoms of a Kidney Stone

  • Flank pain (aching pain on either side of your spine by the bottom of your ribs)
  • Increased pain with fluids
  • Pain along the line of your ureters (sharp, comes in waves)
  • Pain with urination
  • Frequent urination
  • Foul smelling urine
  • Blood in urine

I have had several kidney stones and can recognize the pain immediately. It usually starts with flank pain that aches for a week or two, then sharp stabbing pain in my ureter (on the side about belly button level).

I did have a stone get stuck in my ureter and block off the flow of urine. My kidney filled up with fluid and infection set in within 24 hours causing me to be septic. I had emergency surgery to save my life.

After that experience, I knew I had to find a way to reduce these stones. After much research, I ran into Chanca Piedra which has a history of being used for kidney stones.

Not only does this herb help dissolve stones but it lowers uric acid levels to help prevent stones from forming.

High uric acid levels can pull the calcium from your bones and into your bloodstream. This calcium binds with oxalates and forms oxalate stones.

If you have had a history with kidney stones you know that it can be hard to find good information about dissolving a stone or breaking it apart. My Urologist actually told me my only choice was to keep peeing out the stones or have surgery.

He scoffed at the idea of using an herb to help prevent and dissolve kidney stones.

Chanca Piedra is a tropical plant that can be found in the Amazon basin of South America.

Come to find out, Canca Piedra for kidney stones has great reviews and many people have used it effectively to break up stones and prevent new ones.

It even has positive side effects such as lowered blood pressure and lower uric acid levels which is great for gout. This article contains affiliate links for products we have used and highly recommend at no extra cost to you.

Benefits of Chanca Piedra for kidney stones

  • Reduce fever and inflammation
  • Stimulate the Immune system
  • Prevent Kidney Stones
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Treat Hepatitis B (source)
  • Treat Urinary Tract Infections
  • Eliminate Constipation
  • Increase bile in the Liver

This herb has been named “stone crusher” and for good reason. Anything that could significantly reduce the size of the stones I had was impressive.

German physician, Wolfram Wiemann found that 94 percent of them eliminated their stones within two weeks using Chanca Piedra.

That is an absolute miracle for people suffering from kidney stones.

I was the perfect person to test this herb since I had just had a CT scan showing a 4mm stone in my right side. After using the herb for several months, I had another CT scan and the stone was now 1mm which is pretty small and easy to pass. 

How to use Chanca Piedra for Kidney Stones

I used this herb in capsule form several times a day in between meals for better absorption. I also ate lower protein than I normally do to keep uric acid levels as low as possible.

I obviously drank plenty of fresh water as I normally do.

Some people may have kidney stones from dehydration but that was not the case for me. I drink plenty of water daily, my body was pulling calcium from my bones and into my bloodstream from high uric acid levels.

Uric acid can be reduced by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and fewer meats and processed foods. Apple cider vinegar and lemon water also help to lower uric acid in the body.

This is the exact brand of Chanca Piedra I used during that time. I took roughly 5 capsules a day which is not a dosage for you. I am not a doctor.

I did take more than the recommended amount because the last kidney stone I had almost killed me by getting stuck and I wanted the new stone I had to be gone.

A plan for eliminating kidney stones

I am presently eating a low oxalate food plan to reduce the number of oxalates in my system. This means avoiding those high oxalate foods such as spinach, beets, potatoes, nuts, and wheat which I don’t eat anyway.

Too many oxalates can also cause stiffness in muscles and joints and overall inflammation in the body.

There is a link between people with IBS and leaky gut with absorbing more oxalates and kidney stone formation. (source) If you have a damaged gut you will absorb more oxalates.

If you have a leaky gut it can cause oxalates to slip through into your bloodstream increasing your risk for kidney stones.

Dr. Kelly Brogan offers a Free E-Book called Change Your Food, Heal Your Mood about how deeply the gut and brain are connected and what you can do today to start feeling better.

She has so much information on how gut health affects the entire body.

I continue to take Chanca Piedra for kidney stones and I also added in K2 vitamin which helps put the calcium back into your bones instead of your bloodstream.

I have found this plan to be effective in reducing the size of stones I have and prevent new stones.

Chanca Piedra for kidney stones has been a lifesaver. Preventing another surgery for kidney stones is priceless to me. With these few adjustments to my lifestyle, I can prevent more kidney stones from forming inside my kidney.

I would love to hear how you are using Chanca Piedra for kidney stones or any new ways you have found to prevent kidney stones in general.



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