Are you able to reverse clogged arteries?

What if your arteries are are clogging right now and you can’t even feel it?

This happens to thousands of people every year and many don’t even find out until they have had a massive heart attack. When arteries start to fill with plaque or cement closed, symptoms don’t present themselves until it’s almost too late.

Major arteries need to be almost 70% closed for symptoms to present themselves.

My own father at age 59 recently found he had 5 clogged arteries and needed emergency bypass surgery. He was fit, lifted weights several times a week and was in ideal weight. He did, however, have major inflammation issues.

Seeing him go through this surgery was so traumatizing for our family. The image of the scar on his chest is seared into my brain and I never want anyone else to go through that trauma again. I began my research on arteries and looking for ways to reverse clogged arteries.

Here are a few symptoms of clogged arteries

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Creased earlobes
  • Fatty deposit’s under the skin
  • Erectile dysfunction

Please note: A person can have clogged arteries and none of the symptoms above. That’s why it’s known as the silent killer.

While prevention is the easiest way to keep your arteries nice and clear, there are a few ways you can take action if you have clogged arteries right now.

Your body is always trying to repair and restore anything that is broken. When you realize it is always in repair mode, it’s easier to understand why arteries get clogged, to begin with.

If you have inflammation, as many of us do, the arteries will become damaged and the body sends cholesterol and calcium to build up around the artery as a bandaid to repair it.

This is a smart idea, using cholesterol to band-aid your artery unless you have inflammation going on every single day!  Then your body is constantly sending “bandaids” to repair your arteries causing a clog. If you can lower inflammation, there is no need for your body to use cholesterol to “fix” your artery.

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How to reverse clogged arteries

Begin to lower inflammation

Inflammation is the root of most diseases and inflammation can cause small artery tears. In order to begin reversing clogged arteries, you must address chronic inflammation.

Avoid meds as much as possible

This includes ibuprofen, antibiotics, and antacids unless absolutely necessary. These medications start to tear into the gut lining causing food particles to leak through into the bloodstream. Your body revs up its immune system to attack the new invaders causing inflammation.

If you can seal up the leaky gut you can greatly reduce inflammation.

Leaky gut is a major cause of inflammation in the body which can lead to clogged arteries. Not sure if you have a leaky gut?

Dr. Kelly Brogan offers a Free E-Book called Change Your Food, Heal Your Mood about how deeply the gut and brain are connected and what you can do today to start feeling better.

Deal with your stress

Letting toxic emotions build up increases cortisol in your system which causes inflammation in your body. It’s normal to feel stressed at times but you need to find ways to lower overall stress and how to deal with difficult situations. There’s nothing wrong with talking to a counselor about a hard situation.

Journaling and deep breathing are also helpful in keeping stress from building up.

Sometimes we create our own stress by the way we view life. If you are a chronic complainer, it’s time to retrain your brain into seeing blessings. After all, your thoughts help to create your brain chemicals and who wouldn’t want happy chemicals pumping through your brain all day.

Get outside

Do not underestimate the power of sunshine on your skin and bare feet on the earth. Earthing or grounding is scientifically proven to lower inflammation in the body and should be practiced daily. Simply getting 10 minutes of sun on your skin every day can greatly improve vitamin levels, lower blood sugar and improve methylation.

Spending time outdoors is a free and fun way to improve your health.

Clean up your food

Processed foods and sugar increase inflammation dramatically. Cutting out processed foods and choosing foods that come from nature will help your body repair any clogged arteries. Following a food plan like a Keto Meal Plan will ensure inflammation stays low.

Keto also comes with a large number of benefits such as weight loss, diabetes control, and even reversal and improved heart health.

If you need a Keto Meal Plan for beginners…The Keto Beginning will walk you through not only the science of why keto works but also very simple meals you can add to your family’s diet. You will get a 30-day meal plan, shopping lists and recipes so there’s no guesswork on your part.

Vital Vitamins

When arteries have tiny tears in them, your body sends cholesterol and calcium to seal up the tear. By reducing the calcium in the bloodstream you can reduce the built up “patchwork” on the inside of your arteries. Vitamin K2 pulls the calcium out of your bloodstream and puts it back into your bones where it belongs.

This vitamin also helps reduce kidney stones as well.

Vitamin K2 isn’t a well-known vitamin and may not be found in your regular multivitamin. I recommend taking it separately if you want to help reverse clogged arteries.


Regular exercise will help keep your heart strong and blood vessels flexible but there are no studies to show it will reduce plaque that has already built up. Exercise, however, does lower inflammation and helps relieve the body of stress.

Prevention is the best way to not get clogged arteries but there are many ways you can support your arteries and help the body repair any damage done.

Let us know what ways you are trying to reverse clogged arteries below in the comments.

Can You Reverse Clogged Arteries?

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