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Brain Fog Symptoms and Natural Remedies

brain fog symptoms

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Do you struggle with brain fog symptoms and wonder what natural remedies work?

Brain fog so hard to explain and only seems to make sense to people struggling with it.

I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it is to constantly have a “brain fart”, forget what you were saying or wonder if you were really in that store.

It’s embarrassing and a huge red flag that you have other health issues going on that need addressed.

Describing brain fog is like trying to nail jello to a tree. I’ve done my best to describe brain fog symptoms as accurately as possible having experienced so much “fog” myself.

Brain Fog Symptoms

  • Can’t focus
  • Muddy thinking
  • Can’t complete a thought
  • Forgetful
  • Hard to concentrate
  • Thoughts seem to float away
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches

Have you ever stopped at a green light at an intersection?

Forgot how to count money at the cash register?

Have a wonderful idea and watch it float away mid-sentence?

Can’t seem to complete an idea from start to finish?

Feel like your brain is moving in slow motion?

Brain fog symptoms are often embarrassing and can be debilitating.

Reasons for Brain Fog

The reasons for brain fog can be quiet a few different things but when you get to the root it is usually a gut problem. You will find most of these reasons relate to each other and even feed off of each other at times. This article contains affiliate links which provide us a small fee at no cost to you…thanks in advance.

Candida Overgrowth

One of the main reasons of brain fog is candida growing in the gut. Candida causes brain fog for a number of reasons and is mainly do to how toxic it is.

Candida also causes brain fog because as it grows in the gut it releases mycotoxins which are actually poison to our bodies. Mycotoxins have been shown to cause brain fog, depression, anxiety, and a number of mental health issues.

Most brain fog reduces when steps are taken to kill candida overgrowth. 


Bad gut bacteria growing in the gut is almost as bad as candida. The bad bacteria create a load of problems not only with your physical health but mental health as well. When the bacteria reproduce they create histamine which can cause anxiety and confusion.

Bloating is a huge sign of bad gut bacteria along with anxiety, infections and brain fog. Reducing bad gut bacteria will clear out brain fog pretty quickly.


Experiencing stress causes the brain to activate fight or flight and produce chemicals to react to the danger you are facing. The problem comes when your brain thinks everyday events are stressful.

You wouldn’t want your body thinking you are in danger daily because you would have stress chemicals being produced all the time. This would be a major reason for brain fog and anxiety.

How you perceive your life tells your brain whether you are in danger or not. It’s so important to learn how to handle intense situations without getting stressed out.

You need to learn how to relax and tell your body everything is okay, even when your life isn’t perfect.

Let’s face it…when is life ever perfect?


Brain fog symptoms will increase if you are not sleeping at night. Your body depends on getting good quality sleep in order to heal and repair properly.

Lack of sleep also increases your stress chemicals and lowers your immune system which leaves you susceptible to infections.

Simple steps can be taken to learn how to sleep better at night.

Autoimmune Disease

Brain fog symptoms are a major complaint of many people with an autoimmune disease such as Hypothyroidism, Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Sjogren syndrome.

This makes perfect sense since most autoimmune diseases start inside the gut. A leaky gut or a gut that is more permeable than most, allows larger particles to “leak” through into the bloodstream where they don’t belong.

These particles alert the immune system to fight harder and ramp up their efforts which causes the body to overstimulate the immune system and you end up fighting your own body tissues.

By sealing up the gut lining you can greatly reduce the intense immune system response and calm things down.

Food Allergies

Being allergic to certain foods is definitely a cause of brain fog symptoms and can lead to autoimmune issues if it isn’t handled early on. When you are continuing to eat foods your body doesn’t like it also ramps up the immune system and increases histamine levels.

High histamine is known to cause brain fog, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, migraines, and other mental health issues.

It’s important to start eliminating any foods that cause bloating, brain fog, or fuzzy thinking after you eat them. You will probably want to keep a food journal and write down how you feel after eating each food because food allergies vary greatly between each person.

Brain Fog Treatment

Because there are so many different reasons for brain fog, there isn’t one flat answer as to how to fix it but I do have help for you so listen up.

Dr. Jockers has made a video series available to those struggling with brain fog and other health issues such as anxiety and autoimmune disease.

The thing I love about this video series is how he addresses all the causes of brain fog symptoms like stress, diet, and autoimmune disease.

I love giving my audience sound programs and resources to improve their health and this one is a gem!

You can check out the Autoimmune Elimination Program and begin practical steps to reduce brain fog, anxiety, and start taking care of your gut health.

I love Dr. Jockers approach to brain fog and disease because he lives what he speaks and has had a personal breakthrough using his own techniques.

Let us know what brain fog questions you have if you have used the Autoimmune Elimination Program. 



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  1. I am not sure how you persuaged me to read your article but, I am very glad you did.

    Just another post about leaky get? I don’t think so, this one got me really thinking, especially when you started referring to autoimmune disease.

    I have, MS and I have long known that diet has played an important part in this disease. It’s just that I never really understood how.

    But, your explanation of leaky gut has helped many pieces fall into place.

    Thank You

  2. Hello
    My name is Cynthia. Am from Ghana. So I don’t know how to get in touch. But I have a problem with my brain fog. I can’t sleep,anxiety,depress. Pls how can you help me

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