Our guest post today is by Martyna Hollis. She is bringing us body care tips for the summer time. If you need body care tips, check out her article below. 

5 Body Care Tips This Summer

Summers are at their peak and we know exactly how sweat and dust turn our skin dull in no time. The glow and brightness of the skin fade away if we do not take care of it properly.

The face is definitely we take the most care of, but don’t forget that other parts of your body are equally important when it comes to hygiene and self-care. Buying expensive skincare products for your face and neglecting the rest of the body can leave your skin two-toned.

Taking care of the body in summers does not require a lot of budgets. All you need are a few tips and tricks and follow them on a regular basis. You will see how the hands, feet and the entire skin on your body glows if you follow these tips.

Wondering what they are? Keep reading and thank me when you are finished reading!

Exfoliate while You Take a Bath

Now, everybody does not have plenty of time to spend hours in pampering their body. We have plans for each day and we have our work. Let’s face it; we cannot spend a day at the spa for a body massage or even take that kind of time out at home too. So, what do we do to keep the dullness on our skin away?

Our skin looks dull and tired because of the dead skin accumulating on top. How do we remove it entirely? Here is an easy way: Just get your hands on a cheap body scrub or an exfoliating body wash (that would save time since it is two-in-one) and a loofah. Use it by rubbing it on to your entire body in circular motions while taking a bath. It helps keep your body properly cleansed and bright even in summers. Plus, it will save your time and efforts too.

Keep in mind that the scrubs for the face are not for the rest of the body and vice-versa. So, make sure you have separate ones.

Carry Sunscreen Wherever You Are

It is no secret that sun is always scorching at its best in summers. Leaving your skin unprotected at any hour is a call to dull, tired and tanned skin along with a lot of skin problems. Wearing sunscreen is not only important when you head out of the home but you must wear it in daytime even at home. Keeping the exposed parts of the skin protected is a must in summers.

Get your hands on a good sunscreen that goes with your skin type and carry it with you everywhere and apply it as soon as you wake up in the morning. Make sure you apply it two to three times a day at 3-hour intervals.

Make Body Butters Your Best Friend

Our skin keeps sweating and producing oil in summers and we often do not take enough water to keep it hydrated properly. As a result, our skin goes dehydrated and turns dull, rough and tired. In order to maintain the healthy glow and hydration of your skin, use body butter on your damp skin right after you take a bath.

It will help lock the moisture inside the skin and let it stay supple despite the excessive sweating. Get your hands on a fruity butter and let the summer vibes kick in!


Body detox is essential all year round. You must get rid of the toxins inside the body to keep your skin healthy and supple. Drinking a lot of water is the only way to do that. It will not only flush out all the toxins from the body but also leave the skin with better pH level. Drink lemonades and other minty detox waters on a regular basis to keep the body temperature down and kill the summer heat.

Give Your Feet Extra Attention

Since our feet are totally exposed to the sun in summers and we only wear open sandals or slippers, it is essential to take extra care of them. We use our feet the most and drag them around in the dirt and heat. Pampering them a little extra will help keep the beauty of your feet stay. Get pedicures twice each month and make sure to wash them and treat them with some moisturizer as soon as you get home.

Also, keep a separate scrub for your feet that you use every time you take a bath. Exfoliating your feet is necessary to shed all the dead skin and dirt that has been accumulating on your skin for a while. Keep your nails nicely trimmed and clean too.

5 Body Care Tips this summer

Author Bio:

Martyna Hollis is happily married and has two little ones. She is one of the co-founders of http://www.howcanimakemyvaginatighter.com. She helps other married women to achieve better vaginal health using different methods.




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