10 Best health sites you must follow for your health’s sake.

Today my heart is full of love as I look at all my fellow health bloggers and marvel at what they are creating. These people pour their time and energy into bringing the world healthy recipes, encouragement, practical ideas and empowering others.

Being in the health industry and a blogger, I frequent the best health sites to keep up with the latest studies and information. I have been so impacted by the amazing people that run these websites, I just have to share them with you.

So in no particular order…

Best health sites

Here are the 10 Best Health Sites You Must Follow

Plant You makes living a plant-based lifestyle actually possible. This site is full of practical tasty recipes, beautiful images and the latest research on plant-based living. Ideas like how to get your kids to eat more vegetables, prepping and meal planning and a strong community of plant-based eaters are a few of things you will find on Plant You. This site is just plain fun to be on. If you are thinking of eating a more plant-based diet and don’t know where to start, I would point you to Plant You

Healthy Christian Home is what the center of a home should really be focused on. This heartwarming site is full of not only DIY recipes but Mary brings to light topics all moms struggle with like comparing ourselves to others. From money saving tips to clean eating recipes to natural beauty tips, Healthy Christian Home has you covered. Her site is warm, relaxed and full of faith and I always find encouragement in her writing.

Abundant Living Mommy is such a great resource for quick healthy recipes and cooking tips in general. Anyone looking to clean up their diet and start adding in nutritious foods will love Wendy’s content. Her personal story is inspiring, she is packed full of knowledge and her love for people shines through on her site. Abundant Living Mommy makes getting healthy easy and fun.

Feasting on Joy is a health site full of inspiration and help for anyone dealing with an autoimmune disease. From keeping your home free of toxins to dealing with leaky gut, Jennifer has you covered. Her site is peaceful, easy to navigate, and full of holistic health articles. If you are struggling with eczema, vertigo, hives or autoimmune issues, Feasting on Joy is the place to be.

Healing Histamine is the first site I clung too when I was struggling with histamine intolerance. Yasmina’s knowledge and research have laid a foundation for my health as well as many others. Her articles are too the point and practical for anyone struggling with chronic allergies and high histamine issues. Healing Histamine is the go-to site for any histamine related issues you may have.

Empowered Sustenance is a powerhouse of information and videos about turning around an autoimmune disease. Lauren takes you on a journey of how to eat to support your bodies healing, clean beauty recipes and how to detox your home. Just being on the site makes me feel powerful…for real you have to check it out. If you are a video learner Empowered Sustenance is the place for you to take control of your health.

Avocadu helps women lose weight in a smart healthy way. Created by Alex and Lauren, there is a plethora of knowledge on this site for women looking to detox, get in shape, make DIY recipes and take their health back. This site is beautiful and packed full of knowledge.  Anyone looking for easy practical ways to be healthy from the inside out should jump over to Avocadu.

The Holistic Belle is a refreshing place to find the latest information on plant-based eating and healthy supplements. Savannah is a massage therapist dedicated to helping women live their happiest and healthiest lives. She has the knowledge and the passion to help you get your energy back. The Holistic Belle is empowering, insightful and motivating.

Whole New Mom is run by Adrienne, who does a fabulous job of taking really technical information and breaking it down in a practical way. With a focus on allergy-friendly meals, she brings healthy recipes that are perfect for people dealing with autoimmune disease. Whole New Mom is a must for reviews of health products, allergy free recipes and inspiration for the whole family.

Detox and Prosper is the place to find out how to get the chemicals out of your life and what you can replace those items with. Jordan shares her personal experience with Lyme Disease and shows you how to detox the right way. Her site is full of toxin-free recipes, household items, and healthy home ideas. Detox and Prosper will have your whole family free of toxins in no time.

Did I miss your favorite best health site?

Comment below and let us know what you think the best health sites are!

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