What’s the Best Decision you can make for your health? What’s the number one thing you would do to get healthy?

I get asked these questions a lot, too often. From personal experience I know how it feels to throw your time and money into the next big craze hoping it will change your body and then your life. Buying the latest program, only to see it still sitting on your counter weeks later. Struggling through a diet that promises amazing results all the while you mourn over pizza commercials. Taking the latest supplements in hopes of dropping a few pounds.

All of these things can be good, great even. I love supplements and have seen major improvements in my health by taking the right ones for the season of my life I am in.

The problem comes when we make emotional decisions, quick decisions, hoping for quick results. Emotional choices are not normally lasting choices. Quick emotional changes give us an emotional feel good high that makes us think we are going in the right direction. Our only hope in creating change is creating habits.

The best decision you can make for your health is the decision you actually stick with. The decision that is fueled with passion and planned, is the decision that will change your life. New choices are always hard but planning is essential for success in your future. Picking something and sticking with it is far better than trying everything and quitting.

Consider choosing a partner for added motivation. Going alone in any change leaves room for backing out and loosing hope. Finding a friend or co-worker in your journey will increase success and inject you with hope.

Just pick something small and DO IT! I started by making a meat and veggie for supper everyday. That was my health goal years ago. I stuck with it and it created a habit that propelled us further into meeting future health goals.

Set small goals for yourself that you are able to meet. Yes maybe you need to loose 50lbs or you need more energy but making smart choices every hour is the fastest way to get there. Instead of saying “I’m going to eat healthy this month” try saying “I’m going to eat healthy today” Making small goals will give you the added excitement of making good choices.

When you have no idea where to start, sometimes its nice to have a helping hand in discovering how to make changes that last, set goals for yourself and achieve successes.

This book is a great guide to helping your scattered brain get centered and start achieving a healthier you!

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