Here are the best mom hacks for sick kids that you can’t live without.

It’s that time of year again when kids spread their germs to all the other kids. Viruses take hold and cause stuffy noses, coughing, green mucus, and whiny kids.

Having a sick child is hard on my heart. When they are feeling miserable all I want to do is make it go away. I do everything in my known power to keep them healthy but we do get occasional colds and cases of flu.

It can actually boost your child’s immune system to fight through viruses.

Often times colds and flu’s need to run their course but how do you make your child comfortable in the meantime? Check out these mom hacks for sick kids. This article contains affiliate links which at no cost to you, provide us a small fee to run the website. 

Mom Hacks for Sick Kids

A weighted blanket

When kids are sick they want to be held or snuggled all the time. As much as I love holding my child, I do need to go tend to other things like…go to the bathroom or make meals. Using a weighted blanket gives your child that added pressure on their nerves that triggers the same sensation as being held.

Deep pressure touch from weighted blankets relaxes the nervous system, increases serotonin and melatonin and is perfect for children with sensory processing disorder…or sick kids.

A weighted blanket can give your child the added deep pressure touch to drift of to sleep which helps them recover faster. The weight of the blanket is determined by your child’s weight so consult a chart before choosing a blanket weight.

Essential Oils and a Diffuser

Using a diffuser when your child is sick is a smart choice. Essential oils can have a calming relaxing effect on sick children not to mention disinfecting the air to kill of flu germs. Diffusers also help keep the air moist which is helpful for sore scratchy throats.

  • Eucalyptus oil can help to drain the sinuses and expand the lungs.
  • Peppermint oil can be rubbed on your child’s feet to help reduce a fever.
  • Chamomile oil is calming for the stomach and has anti-nausea properties.
  • Tea Tree oil is a great disinfectant for keeping your house clean during a flu outbreak. I buy this in the largest size because it’s also perfect for sores, acne, and cleaning.

This UR Power Essential Oil Diffuser has multiple LED light colors which are perfect for your child’s bedroom when they are sick. It provides enough light for you to see them in their room when checking on them.

Stop Coughing with a Balm

As insane as this hack sounds…it seriously works because I just did it yesterday! My daughter was coughing her head off and her coughing stopped about 15 min. after I used this hack.

Stop coughing by rubbing a thick layer of Breath Easy Balm on the bottoms of their feet and putting socks over it. This brand only uses organic ingredients and no petroleum jelly which is important since it will be absorbing into your child’s feet and bloodstream.

When my children are coughing their heads off it can be hard for them to get any rest so this hack is a lifesaver for mom and child. If they are not resting either are you. This balm is a must have and one of my top mom hacks for sick kids.

If you are a DIY type mom head over to plant remedies for families and learn to make your own balm.

Use Screentime Wisely

When your kids are sick you need them to chill in one spot on the couch or in bed so they can get better…and stay by a barf bucket!

If your child is used to watching screens all day long, it won’t hold their attention when they are sick. It’s best and healthiest to reduce screens unless you need your child to relax on the couch because they don’t feel good.

For us, we limit screens Monday-Thursday and keep the video games for the weekends. I do make acceptions if my child is sick and they need to vege out on the couch to distract themselves.

Remember if you are using screens every day it won’t be helpful if they are actually sick. Here 40 fun indoor activities for them to do instead.

Stop the Dairy

A lot of people don’t know that dairy thickens up mucus and if your child has a stuffy nose diary can make things 10x worse. Dairy causes mucus to increase and thicken in a way that it can’t be drained from your sinuses and it gets stuck in the back of your throat. In a study, dairy was found to significantly increase coughing and mucus in people with viruses.

If my child is sick I eliminate all yogurt, milk products, and ice cream or other dairy-based treats. We don’t do much dairy anyway but definitely not if they are sick. By eliminating dairy you are also reducing the chances of your child having an ear infection.

Keep Them Hydrated

If you have ever had a nauseated toddler, you know how stubborn they can be. A nauseated child will often refuse to drink anything and can get dehydrated very quickly.

Try offering your child something brand new to peek their interest in getting liquids into their body. A new sippy cup or some popsicles usually does the trick to get them to try and drink. I have even pretended the drink was mine in order to entice them to take a few sips.

You can even freeze Pedialyte into popsicle forms and make your own treats.

Add in a Multi-Vitamin

By giving your child a multi-vitamin, you’re supporting their natural immune system to fight off infections and viruses. Every child gets run down from time to time and needs a nutritional boost, especially if they are a picky eater or haven’t been eating at all.

SmartyPants Kids Vitamins are the perfect choice for kids and have ingredients I trust. It’s one of the only vitamins that uses methyl folate instead of folic acid which can be toxic to some people.

Keep Them Close

I have my sick children sleep on the couch right outside my bedroom door so I can hear them at all times. It’s important for me to hear if they have a coughing fit or start to vomit. The diffuser makes a nice nightlight and I always keep a bucket by the couch in case I need to hop out of bed and catch some vomit (which I have done before).

If you organize yourself and keep the items you might need beside your child or by your bed, it won’t be so stressful when you are up at night. Remember to keep off blue lights on phones and screens at night because it can stop melatonin production, disrupt circadian rhythm, and keep you and your child awake.

Let me know what mom hacks for sick kids you have tried and found to work.

Does your child’s immune system need a boost? Check out how to boost your child’s immune system.

Comment your mom hacks for sick kids below!











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