The best natural antifungals for candida.

If you’re dealing with candida you know how hard it is to stay on the candida diet. Sometimes adding in natural antifungals for candida can give you the boost you need to beat it for good.

It’s hard to beat candida using food alone because candida can create slim and biofilm to protect itself.

The average candida diet eliminates sugars and starchy carbs to starve off the candida and fungus. This post contains affiliate links that provide us with a small fee at no cost to you. 

The problem with fungus is it can create a thick sticky film around it’self to protect it from dying. In addition to that, candida can let off mycotoxins which are very toxic to the human body.

In order to completely kill off candida, you need to add in some natural antifungals for candida.

Symptoms of candida can include:

  • Brain fog
  • Rashes
  • Vaginal infections
  • Fungus Toenail
  • Gas and bloating
  • Muscle pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Weight problems
  • Sugar cravings
  • High histamine/allergies
  • Food Intolerances

Here are natural antifungals for candida that I love:

Biofilm Disruptor

Adding in a biofilm disruptor helps to eat away at the thick sticky film that surrounds the candida. This allows the candida to be exposed and easily killed.

It also helps break apart the slim that fungus left behind that may be blocking the absorption of your food. These enzymes are also great for dealing with bad gut bacteria or SIBO infections.

We have used Interfase Plus biofilm disruptor with good success and recommend it to others.

Oregano Oil

Using Oregano Oil for your gut infections is like letting off a bomb to kill candida and bad bacteria. It’s very strong so it shouldn’t be used for a long period of time.

If your considering oregano oil for natural antifungals for candida please don’t drink the essential oil. It will burn your mouth and it’s just a horrible experience overall. If you use oil of oregano essential oil, please dilute it before you put it on the skin.

I use an this Oregano Oil because it’s completely contained in the capsule and has no chance of burning my mouth. once in a while I taste it if I burp but considering how strong it is…I really don’t notice the taste.

Liver Nutrients

Keeping the liver clean while you are trying to kill off candida and fungus is vital because those toxins need to be removed as soon as possible to avoid feeling sick.

By drinking lots of water and using a gentle supplement for your liver you can keep things moving and avoid toxic buildup. We use this liver supplement.

Cleaning your liver takes some extra water so make sure you are drinking tons of water while you take this supplement.

Caprylic Acid

This supplement is derived from coconut oil and is one of the best natural antifungals for candida you can use aside from prescriptions. It mimics your body’s own fatty acids your bowels produce so it’s very gentle on the body but a rock star at killing candida.

If you find oregano oil is too harsh for you, this is a great alternative to try. Just make sure you get a quality brand. We recommend this one for purity and quality Caprylic Acid.


If your trying to kill candida on the cheap, look no further than garlic. People seem to have a love or hate relationship with garlic but no matter the taste, it works great for killing candida. It also has been shown to kill E-coli in the gut and other bad bacteria.

You can get garlic in the capsule form if you absolutely hate the taste but you may still burp it up a little. You can buy “no smell” garlic capsules but they haven’t been shown to work as effective as plain old garlic cloves.

Tip: Crush up the garlic before adding it to your food because it helps activate the antifungal properties.


In this study, berberine has been shown to destroy all forms of bad yeast and fungus so it’s a smart choice for natural antifungals for candida.

Berberine has a long list of health benefits including lowering blood pressure and weight loss. It absorbs into the bloodstream and gets inside the cells and helps to regulate metabolism.

It has also been shown to benefit diabetes and lower insulin levels in this study.

You can try this brand of Berberine and also enjoy the added side effect of lower blood pressure and blood sugar. Use with caution if you already have low blood pressure.

Grape Seed Extract

Not only is grape seed extract antifungal but it’s antiviral, antibacterial and antiparasitic. In this study, grape seed extract was extremely effective in killing off candida and fungus.

It has many other positive benefits such as strengthening arteries and veins, lowering your risk of heart disease and high levels of antioxidants to lower cancer rates.

Combining caprylic acid and grape seed extract would be a strong fight against candida growing in the gut.

The Candida Diet Program

Although natural antifungals for candida are very effective, it can’t be combined with a diet high in sugar and carbs. By lowering carbs and sugar you are starving off the candida and assisting your antifungals.

If candida has been a constant struggle for you and you’re tired of dealing with skin issues, migraines, bloating, brain fog and other candida symptoms…the Ultimate Candida Diet is the program we recommend.

This program was created by a doctor to eliminate candida from the body. It includes recipes, supplements guides, daily emails to help walk you through an exact plan for you to start feeling better.

You can read my full review of the program or read about it yourself at the Ultimate Candida Diet Program. 

Thousands of people have found help with this program that is simple and easy to implement. Instead of trying to randomly pin antifungal recipes and take supplements…try a plan that is created by a doctor.

Let us know which natural antifungal for candida you have tried and what has worked for you.





If the candida diet isn't giving you the results you need, you may have to try these antifungals to kill candida. Natural antifungals are safer and healthier alternatives to prescriptions. #candida #antifungals #fungus #candidaovergrowth #guthealth #healthtip #migraine #bloating