Most people see getting healthy as a huge mountain that’s impossible to climb, so they don’t even bother to start. I’ve been there myself, seeing people who are doing everything right and it seems like so much work. Perfectionism sneaks in and if you can’t qualify for the olympics, you think you might as well eat your weight in doughnuts.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that black and white. It is possible to take small steps to improve your health, without changing your entire life or living at the gym. Small changes over time lead to huge changes. Making small daily decisions for your health will lead to a year of great improvement.

Let’s look at 5 things you can do daily to make a big impact in your health.

5 Tips to Skyrocket Your Health!


1. Drink More Water. Shocking I know! If you would simply replace the massive amounts of coffee, pop, juices and alcohol with water I think you would be floored how more energy you would have. Water cleans out toxins, rehydrates your system, lubricates your joints and aids in hormone production (1) Replacing your sugary drinks with water so simple anyone can do it and it’s a great way to jumpstart your health and save money!


2.  Stop Complaining. You think your crappy outlook and constant complaining have nothing to do with your health? Your wrong! Complaining creates extra cortisol in your system which reeks havoc on your body including cardio vascular disease. Complaining also rewires the brain to find more negative situations until all you see is bad situations. Complaining is the perfect recipe for an unhappy stressed out life. If you would like belly fat, high blood pressure, heart disease and headaches…continue complaining. Otherwise look for things to be thankful for and find ways to appreciate your life. (2)


3.  Eat More Vegetables.  Again this is a very simple way to make a big difference in your health. You don’t have to eat the vegetables you hate, try out some new ones and you may be surprised at how many you didn’t know you liked.  Find creative ways to cook them. There are hundreds of vegetables that all taste different so the excuse of “I don’t like vegetables” doesn’t apply. You couldn’t possibly hate them all! Vegetables supply your body with vitamins and minerals you may be missing in your regular diet, plus eating them fresh is a great supply of enzymes!


4. Get Moving.  This doesn’t have to involve hours at a gym but find some way to get your body moving. Ride a bike, swim, take a walk with your spouse, take a dance class, park far away from doors or take the stairs. Be creative! Moving helps your body rid itself of toxins. Your limbic system relies on you to move, jump and bend to move the lymph-node fluid around. Your immune system NEEDS you to move. Working your muscles is also a way your body releases pent up stress. No more excuses, find a way to move!


5.  Stop Eating Sugar. I harp on this one a lot, even have a book out on it.  Sugar is addictive, feeds cancer and yeast in your body and your liver turns it into fat! Just those reasons should be enough to start reducing your sugar intake. This “tip” is a serious one so find little ways in every meal to cut out the sugar. Eat a piece of fruit instead of cake for desert, use stevia instead of sugar for your coffee. These may seem like small changes but over the course of a year it makes a huge difference.

These tips are not hard, they are simple everyday choices that you can make today to skyrocket your health! Everyone wants to feel better, think clearer and have more energy. This is a way you can get started without changing your whole life, making small changes is more effective than aiming for a huge change only to fail. Be proud of the small changes you make, celebrate your successes!

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