Mentally healthy people have things in common.

Do you have healthy mental habits?

Are you creating the best mindset you can for yourself?

Mental health is a complex issue, not a black and white one.

I have seen mental health issues stem from vitamin deficiencies and or chemical issues but there is also a pattern of thinking that can lead us down a road of mental anguish. It can start slow, you may not even notice but one thought builds upon the next until you have created a castle. A castle of anger or bitterness. You can’t seem to get past the fortress you have created in your mind. You can’t see the path to freedom because the castle is in the way.

I do see several traits that stick out among the crowd. Healthy mindsets don’t just come by chance. Healthy mindsets have to be created and practiced.

Here are 5 Habits of Mentally Healthy People

Mentally Healthy people forgive easily. They realize that life is too short to hold people captive in their minds. It takes a lot of energy to hold anger for someone. Forgiveness creates freedom in your mind and has many health benefits. Not forgiving someone only hurts yourself and creates a root bitterness that will steal your joy.

Mentally Healthy people remain thankful. Staying in a state of thankfulness is key to living joyfully. You learn to appreciate what you have and remain in a blessed state instead of focusing on what you don’t have. There will always be things you don’t have but you’re missing out on enjoying what you DO have if you are not thankful. Thankfulness tells your body you are safe and satisfied so you can enter a state of rest. The nervous system begins to relax and turn off fight or flight mode when you are thankful.

Mentally Healthy people try new things. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and keep living the same year over and over again. We were not made to repeat every year and call it living! Trying new things can be scary but you may find something you love that you didn’t know about. Trying new things involves conquering some fears you may have about getting out of your comfort zone. Smashing those fears builds healthy mental strength. Is there something you have been wanting to try but have been putting it off?

Mentally Healthy people set healthy boundaries with people. They don’t let abusive people have too much space in their lives. Setting a boundary doesn’t mean you’re not loving a person. You can set a boundary and still love someone from a distance. It’s unhealthy to let an abusive person keep abusing you or mistreating you. It’s ok to set some healthy boundaries.

Mentally Healthy people don’t’ take life too seriously. It’s ok to laugh. Most of us have lost the ability to laugh because we have held on so tightly to life and take everything too seriously. Laugh at yourself, laugh at circumstances, it relieves stress and creates joy. You have to let something go in order to laugh. Is there something you’re holding on too tightly that you need to let go of?

You can change the way you look at life. Mindsets are not created in a day so it takes time and effort in order to change them.  You can switch out your lens of bitterness for a lens of joy.

It’s helpful to write down how you are feeling and what you are thinking.

If you have a lot on your mind, find a friend you can communicate with or vent to. Sometimes just hearing your thoughts out loud can bring you some clarity. Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself, it’s healthy to bounce your ideas off other people.

Sometimes sugar can influence the neurotransmitters in our brains. Cleaning up what you eat is always a helpful step in gaining a clear healthy mind.

What characteristics do you notice in mentally healthy people?



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