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4 Reasons Why Your Health Isn’t Improving

reasons your health isn't improving

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Are you wondering why your health isn’t improving?

We are all on a journey to improve our health.

Some find it harder than others to create healthy habits and make changes but everyone wants to be healthy.

How come some are succeeding and others are not?

This is a pattern I see from my perspective of why your health isn’t improving.

Often times we have to change our mindsets before our bodies change.

4 Reasons Why Your Health Isn’t Improving

 You want a quick fix instead of real changes.

Improving your health takes time and effort. It doesn’t have to be hard but it does require effort.  

Everyone seems to want a magic pill to make everything better but that’s not how your body works.

Think of your aches and pains as warning flags or your body giving you signals and listen to it!

Popping a pill will only cover up the symptoms. The latest fad drink or supplement may be tempting but nothing will give you results faster than eating real food free of chemicals and preservatives.

Before you jump on the next fad, consider cleaning up your current recipes and see how you feel first.

Your Body Is Full of Toxins  

Toxins seem to be everywhere, in our food, our water supply and in the air but are you giving yourself a break from all the chemicals?

Packaged foods with preservatives and fumes from toilet bowl cleaners are all harmful to our system.

Sometimes your body just needs a break so it can clean itself out. Our bodies Want to clean, they are just waiting for us to give them the opportunity.

What’s the best way to detox? I’ve foundZeolite Spray to be extremely helpful.


Yep, all that worrying takes a toll on your system. When you are stressed, your body can’t tell the difference between a small stressor or a life-threatening event.

It turns on the fight or flight nervous system and prepares for extreme circumstances. This changes the chemicals in your body and tells it to stop growth and repair, store fat, and lowers your ability to make decisions.

When you are constantly stressed and anxious your body isn’t in repair mode. Time to take a few deep breaths and let things go for your health’s sake. Improving your health should be enjoyable.

If stress is an issue for you, check out Best Supplements for Anxiety.

Not Eating Real Food

If you want your body to repair you need to give it the tools to do that and those tools come from real food.  Fruits…Vegetables…Plants. 

When we eat clean we give our bodies the vitamins and minerals it’s been waiting for. Real Food contains enzymes for our digestive tract and it nourishes our bodies. Real food lowers inflammation resulting in less pain, headaches, and disease.

If you are ready to start eating real food, hop on over to Plant-Based Diet for Beginners, and get started.

It may be tempting to pop a pill or supplement and expect huge changes but real results come with real food.

Reasons Why Your Health Isn’t Improving

Improving your health doesn’t have to be hard, but it needs to be mindful.

Everyone can benefit from eating clean recipes and cutting out the extra sugars and chemicals.

Listening to your body is key to improving your health.

How did you feel after that fast food meal?

Does your head feel clearer after intermediate fasting?

Learn to listen to what your body is telling you, it knows what you need.

Keep a food journal to help you understand what foods your body likes and what foods could be harmful.

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