You know, as I look back over the years of our own personal  journey with our family, It hasn’t been easy.  I remember early after we got married trying and trying to eat healthier food and failing.  It seemed like this huge mountain that I couldn’t climb. Everywhere we turned there was a birthday party with cake or we ran through the fast food place because we were in a hurry, or my favorite…I can’t cook and fast food tasted better! It was really discouraging to fail over and over. Giving in and eating processed food was so much easier! Until health issues started to creep up on us, my husbands weight continued to climb and so did his blood pressure.  It wasn’t until I realized that I didn’t have to change my whole life in one day, that I started to succeed.

Baby Steps! I told myself to take baby steps!  It really worked.  I remember deciding that I would make a meat and a veggie for every supper.  The rest of our meals were processed crap, but that didn’t matter because I stuck with our meat and veggie supper for close to a year before I made any more changes! Eating a healthy supper became a habit because I focused on that one small change.  After a year it wasn’t even hard to make meat and veggies for supper.

I tackled breakfast next.  Tossing out the milk and cereal was so hard.  We went to oatmeal, eggs and gluten free pancakes with fruit instead.  We kept this going for another year at least until it was a habit and I felt like I could easily tackle lunch.  So you see making changes and creating new habits takes time.  Maybe your the type of person who can change your whole life in a day, that’s great!  For our family the changes came slower but we allowed ourselves the grace to make mistakes.

If you need to make some changes in your life, there is Grace for you!  Pick small goals, ones that you can easily reach, and do it until you make it a habit. Celebrate your small victories! Be proud that you made even a simple small change! It will give you the momentum you need to take another baby step!

Decide what small change your going to make. It may be one less pop a day, or maybe replacing your favorite snack with something that has less sugar.

Just pick ONE thing and do it.

Then be proud of yourself for starting to change.  Tomorrow, pick that same one thing and do it again. Your going to continue this pattern until your “change” becomes a habit that feels normal to you.  Then you know its time to find another change to make. Keep your goals focused on today, meal to meal, don’t worry about next week. 6 months from now you will be amazed at all the ways you have changed how you do life.

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