The best products that promote a healthy lifestyle. 

I’m going to share some of the best products that make living healthy easy. 

Taking care of yourself is often overlooked or put on the back burner and we all know how that ends up. 

Especially as a mom, it’s hard to put my health first but showing our kids we are choosing health is a vital lesson.

There are some products that promote a healthy lifestyle because they save on time or they are inexpensive ways to really jump start our health. Some links are affiliate products which provide a small fee for our site at no cost to you. 

Neglecting yourself will never lead to good health.

Products that Promote a Healthy Lifestyle 

The Instant Pot

Instant Pot DUO Plus – This machine is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, yogurt maker, egg cooker, steamer, warmer and sterilizer.  


This is the exact Instant Pot I have and I use it every day. It’s perfect for making bone broth especially if you have histamine issues like I do and can’t eat things that have been sitting for hours.

If you struggle with autoimmune disease or histamine intolerance, the Instant Pot will be your best friend. 

It saves so much time and will make you delicious healthy food. This is one of my favorite products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Nutribullet

Nutribullet – This small but powerful machine allows you to make smoothies without getting out a clunky blender.


This small compact blender definitely increases your chances of making smoothies because its so easy to use and it doesn’t take up hardly any counter space.

You can keep it out to create healthy habits and cleaning it is like rinsing out a cup.

Meal Prep Containers

Glass Meal Prep Containers – This 5 pack of glass food containers allows you to pre-make healthy food and store leftovers safely.


Instead of stopping for fast food or grabbing something out of a vending machine, you will have healthy food available. These containers make eating healthy easy.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals – These journals are taking the world by storm but for good reason. It allows you to be creative when you write down your schedule, feelings, or dreams you have about your future.

 This journal is a fun self-care product to help you be more productive and make sure your priorities are getting done. Plus it’s super fun!

Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets – Many people don’t know about these weighted blankets and are missing out. It forces the nervous system to relax and increases serotonin and melatonin.


They use deep pressure touch on the nervous system and work wonders on anxiety and insomnia. This is also a great gift idea!

Air Fryer

Avalon Bay Air Fryer – Air fryers are a healthy way to enjoy chicken wings, sweet potatoes, and vegetables in a whole new healthy way.


This air fryer comes with a cookbook full of ideas and doesn’t use a drop of oil ever. Just enjoy crispy food without all the added calories or saturated fats. 

Self Care Planner

Self-Care Planner –  This planner has printable sheets for you to keep track of things moms normally forget such as:

  • Setting Boundaries in your Life
  • Self-Love Worksheet
  • Deep Breathing Techniques
  • Personal Declarations
  • Goal Setting

self care planner

If you have been neglecting yourself, this Self-Care Planner will help get you back on track.

Love Your Self Healthy Devotional

Love Yourself Healthy Devotional – this daily devotional is filled with practical steps to guide you into taking care of yourself and learning to love who you are. 

It comes with printable declarations you can hang up anywhere to remind yourself that you are worthy of love. This health and wellness product focuses on self-love and self-care which is vital to your health and relationships.

Eden’s Garden Products

Eden’s Garden – this essential oil company is not Multi Level Marketing so their prices are so affordable. They have come out with a line of health products such as deodorant, essential oil candles, room sprays, and all natural soaps. 

This is by far my favorite essential oil company because their prices are so low for the high quality of the oils. In third-party testing, their oils were the same quality as the high priced MLM companies.

The Home Detox Box

The Home Detox Box – this fun subscription box delivers healthy cleaning and beauty products right to your door so you can learn and try products that don’t contain chemicals and are all toxin-free. 

living toxic-free with the home detox box

It can be hard to make the switch when it comes to a health and wellness product, so receiving this Home detox Box makes it easy to get started. I loved my Home Detox Box and you can find my review and coupon code here.

Autoimmune Subscription Box

The SimplyAIP Subscription Box – If you have allergies or histamine intolerance, this box will be your best friend. It makes finding healthy snacks so easy because they come right to your door.

This box is one of the best products that promote a healthy lifestyle and make it so easy to eat clean. You can get 5$ off your first box by using my Code: BLISSHEALTH5 when you purchase.

Herbs & Essential Oils Bundle

Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle – This bundle is jam-packed with DIY recipes, herbal home remedies, and printables. A must-have resource for any mom who wants to start living and eating clean.

HEOSB2018 sidebar image #2
 If you have ever been interested in making your own health and beauty products…this is the ultimate guide. You can get started right in your own kitchen making salves, herb gardens, essential oil blends, and home beauty products. 

Blue Light Glasses

Blue Blocker GlassesDon’t underestimate the power of these inexpensive glasses. Blue light in the evening disrupts your hormones and throws off your circadian rhythm. Wear them in the evening if you need to be on screens or like to watch TV before bed. 

These glasses help to increase serotonin and dopamine so you can balance your hormones and sleep more soundly at night. A smart and cheap way to improve your health.

Let me know what products that promote a healthy lifestyle you have tried and which ones you can’t live without. 





Check out these Must-Have products that make living healthy easy and fun. Save time cooking, cleaning and start trying new green toxin-free products. #healthproducts #nontoxic

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