Love Yourself Healthy

A 20 Day Mindset Devotional for Uprooting Lies and Planting Truth

Do you hate who you are?

Learn to embrace your unique individuality and be confident in your ideas.

Do you like the person you see in the mirror?

We will show you how to love that person in the mirror and feel powerful. Learn how changing your thoughts will also bring change to your body.

Can you see possibilities for your future or are you waiting for something bad to happen?

Many of us have a forboding perspective and just assume something bad will happen. We will teach you how to see through a perspective of hope for your future.

What good is it to eat healthy, exercise and still spend all day being angry at someone? 

Do you argue with people in your head throughout the day? It’s time to take that energy and use it to produce beneficial thoughts that will bring you joy instead of anger.

 The Love Yourself Healthy Mindset Devotional will walk you through how to believe in yourself, love who you are and have hope for your future. 


Learn how to wake up with JOY in the morning by taking negative thoughts captive and replacing them with beneficial thoughts.

It’s those quite opinions we have of ourselves that often make the biggest impact on our lives. 

Learn declarations that will build a foundation for your life. They will increase expectancy of God’s goodness, and thus will increase the manifestation of that goodness in your life.

The key to growth in your life is based on what you think and how you perceive things.

The Love Yourself Healthy Devotional will take you on a journey, 20 days to creating a mindset that benefits you and those around you.

Dreams start to seem possible when you partner your thoughts with the heart of God.

Learn to become aware of destructive thoughts that are stealing your Joy

Are you running from things or to things?


How much of your day are you actually spending being fearful and worrying about things that probably won’t happen?

How many of your thoughts include expectation of trouble instead of blessing?


It’s time to embrace practical strategies and create mindsets of victory with this 20 Day journey to freedom. Start aligning your thoughts and emotions with truth and watch your life change in a positive direction!

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