This is the story of how I have gained 20 precious pounds on a journey to fix my gut.

I’m tired of hearing people tell me to eat a box of doughnuts, or how I need to smash a hamburger. That doesn’t help, you sound ignorant, please be quiet.

I know, I know it seems like the whole world wants to lose weight. Everywhere I turn it’s a weight loss shake or challenge. What’s a person to do when they need to gain weight in a world of people trying to lose it?

My weight dropped to a scary 90lbs last summer. When you can’t absorb your food it not only affects the way you look but the way you think. Your brain needs neurotransmitters to function and they rely on nutrients from your food. I found myself in a swirl of panic attacks, mood swings, no appetite, and depression.

After extensive research and no help from the doctors, I decided to take matters into my own hands. (It’s best to work along side your doctor) I started eating low fodmap. This ensures the bacteria and fungus in the gut are unable to eat anything you eat. It cuts off their food supply.

Next, I added in some fungus and bacteria supplements. I took oil of oregano capsules, olive leaf, a biofilm disruptor, b12 vitamins and a digestive enzyme before I ate. Oil of oregano is pretty strong stuff but I took several, several times a day. I rotated that weekly with olive leaf, taking turns every week. One week of olive leaf, one week of oil of oregano.

My goal….get my body back.

Bacteria and Candida had taken up residence.

All together I ate low fodmap and took these supplements for 2 months to ensure the fungus/candida/bacteria was dead. I wanted my body back!

After those 2 months, I slowly added back in regular foods (no gluten or dairy) and took a digestive enzyme with supper. Not only did I start to gain weight but my toenail fungus disappeared, my acne disappeared and I could think complete thoughts and remember way more things than normal.

The weight didn’t come on all at once. It takes more time to gain weight than it does to lose it. You need to be patient with the process. Choosing healthy foods with high calories and being consistent in killing off those fungus buggers.

B12 is essential for absorption of food, don’t forget the b12 people.

I currently don’t eat high histamine foods such as aged items, vinegar, and leftovers. I eat high-calorie fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits. I do have gluten free bread a few times a week and some jasmine rice and quinoa. Those are all the grains I eat.

I don’t believe every case of someone needing to gain weight is cut and dry. Obviously, anyone dropping weight should see a doctor. All my tests from the doctor came back fine despite my losing weight.

How well are you absorbing your food? Candida, SIBO and other gut infections can steal your nutrients and block your ability to absorb food.

I’m grateful for the 20lbs I have gained and will continue to eat healthy foods and respect my body. Until we learn to love ourselves it’s impossible to thrive and restore our bodies.

I’m going to provide a list of what I took while eating low fodmap for those who have asked. This is what worked for me…you take supplements at your own risk. These are affiliate links…thanks in advance.

Olive Leaf Extract

Oil of Oregano

Interfase Plus

Digestive Enzyme

Vitamin B12 

Remember…sugar is your enemy! Sugar feeds bad bacteria and fungus at a rapid rate and you can’t kill off the bad guys when you’re feeding them.

Take time to journal what you’re eating. Learn to listen to your body. When you are feeling like you have made progress in killing off bad bacteria and fungus, it’s good to add in probiotics. You can make your own probiotics right on your counter! Check out Gut Rebuilding Plan 

I’m so thankful for my new 20lbs I carry around. They are precious and if I can restore my body so can you.


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