Do you struggle with chronic fatigue and sugar cravings?

Do you know the symptoms of candida?

Candida became a buzz word a few years ago and everyone and their brother thought they had candida. Is it still relevant? Are people still struggling with a systemic yeast infection?

I would argue, Absolutely! The average American eats 150lbs of sugar a year and it only takes a small amount of sugar to feed a fungal infection.

Maybe you are not familiar with the signs of a fungal infection?

Bliss Health Coaching candida symptoms

White Coating on Tongue, Chronic Sinus Issues, Brain Fog, Migraines, Digestive Problems, Hormone Problems, Fungal Toenails, Bad Breath, Weight Gain, Mood Swings and Panic Disorders are just a few of the symptoms that can present when someone has a fungal overgrowth.

Candida can break down the walls of the digestive tract and penetrate the bloodstream. The candida release toxins as they grow and reproduce causing strong cravings for sugar and carbs as well as memory problems and brain fog. The cravings for sugar to feed the growing candida can be intense and it doesn’t take long for the yeast to grow out of control. (1)

In fact, there are 79 different toxins released by the metabolism and die-off of Candida. This is why people with yeast overgrowth often feel so lousy. Two of these toxins, alcohol and acetaldehyde (the breakdown product of alcohol that causes hangovers), are in such high amounts in people with chronic yeast problems that you may actually end up feeling “drunk.” -Mercola

So how does this candida get so out of control? There are many things in our daily lives that contribute to candida overgrowth:

Overuse of Antibiotics. Some antibiotics are actually made from a fungus. Antibiotics have their place of importance but tend to be widely overused in America. The antibiotics also kill off the good bacteria in the gut, leaving the yeast to easily grow unhindered.

The use of Birth Control Pills have been linked to systemic yeast infections because of the high estrogen levels. When estrogen is left unchecked it creates a breeding ground for yeast to grow.

Constant intake of sugar in our foods will easily feed yeast and allow it to grow out of control.

There are natural ways to kill off the candida and gain your energy back again. The first few days are hard because those little yeast buggers don’t want to die.

Starving them off with healthy meats and vegetables is a great start. Cutting the sugar will cut the fuel they use to reproduce. It’s important to create healthy habits and real food should always be part of our lifestyles.

There are quite a few antifungals that you can get over the counter to help the candida die off and never return.

Caprylic Acid is an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral saturated fatty acid. It is found in coconut and does a great job poking right through the cell walls of the fungus. It’s especially helpful for killing off bad bacteria in the gut that is causing headaches and bloating.

Olive Leaf has to be my favorite antifungal. It’s gentle on the stomach but very effective in killing fungus. It also naturally lowers blood pressure and has been shown to help high cholesterol.

When candida dies off quickly it can release toxins causing a number of unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, strong cravings and flu-like symptoms. Try easing your way into healthy eating and if you’re adding a supplement do it slowly.

The best thing you can do right now is to stop eating sugar.

Sugar cravings are hard to beat but we are dedicated to helping you feel your best.


Start with some easy recipes that don’t contain sugar but are aimed at beating the cravings and killing off the candida.

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